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  1. We are just off Getaway. Ocean Blue was empty pretty much every night. We went and paid the $17.70 upcharge to eat there with our SDP. It was the biggest bargain on the ship. You could order as much of anything that you wanted, including entrees. I ordered 3 appetizers, one main entrée (the whole steamed lobster of course!) and 3 sides. Everything was delicious and the service was just excellent. No complaints, totally worth the upcharge.
  2. Just off Getaway and found Ocean Blue is now ala carte. The restaurant was pretty much empty every night. However, with the dining package, we were able to dine there with just a 17.70 up charge. For that we were able to order ANYTHING AS MANY AS WE WANTED! So for an appetizer, I had king crab legs, steamed mussels, Florida stone crab claws, and a shrimp cocktail. Wow, not full yet, let's have the 1.5 lb cold water lobster and four sides! Dessert, no thanks, but I'll have a nice after dinner drink with my UBP. I think that was a fantastic deal, to do this alal carte would have cost close to $100. Very pleased with everything on this ship, no complaints at all.
  3. We just bought a condo in Cape Coral and are looking forward to being so close to our favorite NCL ship!
  4. Great review! We have been on the Sky three times now and would go back in a heartbeat. One of our favorite NCL ships. Glad you enjoyed your cruise.
  5. We got the offer in February while we were on a free cruise. You have to book it soon after you get the offer, so it didn't work for us either. NCL has a better system where you can just call them after your cruise and based on your points you get a free cruise or a discount. No hurry up and book.
  6. Cagneys on the Sky is the best! We had the UDP on our last Sky cruise in November. Ate there 3 nights out of 4. Last night my wife couldn't finish her steak, they offered to box it for her to take to the room. She ate it for breakfast the next day! I can't say enough about the service we had on that cruise in Cagneys.
  7. Carnival has stopped that as of our last cruise on the Breeze in February. NCL to follow soon?
  8. We got hit in 2007 with a fuel surcharge on a Carnival cruise. However, there was a class action lawsuit filed that year against all the lines that imposed the charge. The lawsuit claimed that it was unfairly added after people had already booked. We actually got a refund of the charge a few months after the cruise. The lines have all added wording now to the effect that the surcharge can be added anytime. I don't think any of them have actually added the fee since 2007.
  9. Last time they changed the menu, the cover charge went up $5.
  10. No promo if they comp you an inside, even if you pay to upgrade. Probably why they didn't get it.
  11. Been on both, would take the Sky over Majesty. Sky is a newer ship and has more and better dining options. We love the Sports Bar (chicken wings at midnight!) and eating breakfast outside at the Great Outdoors. I believe the stop in Key West is very short, whereas the stop in Freeport is all day. Both private islands are about the same now. NCL pumped a ton of money into GSC over the last 4 years. Casino on Sky is much better. B Both ships are nice and I am sure you will have a good cruise on whichever one you decide.
  12. Been on both and would pick Sky. Victory has none of the 2.0 funship enhancements and no specialty restaurants. Agree that Victory has better ports. Guess it depends what matters most to you, the ship or the itinerary.
  13. My money is on the $4.95 charge for room service once the dust settles. If that includes hot foods, I think it is a good change. $7.95, not so much. We have never used room service on NCL since the selections were so limited. Also, very nice on the free Asian, we will definitely take advantage of that.
  14. Been on the Sky 3x, she is one of our favorites. Have to agree with the crew on her as being one of the best. Cagneys on the Sky is the best one out of the five NCL ships we have sailed. Highly recommend!
  15. Yes, they have raised prices which makes no one happy. HOWEVER, since Jan 1 this year they have been offering a free drink package, free dining package or OBC for all OV and above rooms. Book a suite and get all 3.
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