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  1. My wife too is a nurse, when we go to our summer home in Wisconsin she has to report and self monitor for two weeks too. She could have retired last year, but won’t due to the pandemic and need for healthcare worker. Thank you for you hard work, in a very trying profession.
  2. I actually thought that NCL was awarding the points for the cancelled cruises as a goodwill gesture. I was impressed when I saw them credited to our account. So, from the “jaws of victory” with what could have been an excellent public relations move, NCL “snatches defeat”. Really NCL; even if the points awarded were in error, what would it have cost the company in actual dollars? In fact, with the not so favorable coverage of NCL in the news, there was a chance to come out a hero. A press release saying that there was a mistake made with awarding rewards points and how in the interest of
  3. I’m happy to report that NCL has refunded/credited our CC accounts in full and early too.
  4. Nice Mustang! My guess is a 66’ GT 289....does it have the pony interior?
  5. We bought a little roadster because we couldn’t cruise. My wife and I are enjoying taking road trips and exploring Route 66 like Todd and Buzz (and later, Linc) did in the Route 66 TV show.
  6. Thanks Budget Queen for all the input. For me, it was more about the principal.... Cruise was cancelled.... due to COVID-19 no cruises are sailing. It just would have been a nice goodwill gesture for NCL to just extend the expiration date. We’ll figure something out.... for this summer we already have.... just picked up a little roadster so we can go on some short day trips....
  7. We have already traveled to the Mediterranean, been to Europe before, been all over the Caribbean, sailed to Alaska and Mexico. We really wanted to do the New England and Canada cruise, but with me being a teacher there isn’t one offered when I’m off from school. In a perfect world a Nile cruise and seeing the Pyramids is on our bucket list, just not in this political climate.
  8. Thanks, NCL agent Vanessa called us because she saw that we were looking at cruises online; I asked her about an extension and she said we needed to book a cruise by June 2021, but it could be for a cruise in 2022, no extension. That has given us concerns, because currently, there isn’t a cruise destination that interests us. We thought that since we’ve already have cruised with NCL five times previously that they would simply honor an extension request as a goodwill gesture. That was not the case. Things that make you go hmmmmm.....
  9. The CN deposits are the original expiration dates and have not been extended. So far, we haven’t seen anything on the 2022 cruises that have us excited to book either. Perhaps it’s COVID-19 fatigue (my wife is in healthcare), cruise line fatigue (everything associated with this cruise..... conflicting information from NCL about the cruise not being cancelled, then being cancelled, the refund policy.... 90 day wait for refund to be applied, and now the NC expiration.) I guess I’ll contact NCL about the CN after we get the payment credit applied back on our credit card for the cruise. Just
  10. We were booked on the June 6th sailing on the Pearl.... we are waiting for our refund (90 days to process) and just received notice that our CruiseNext certificates will expire 6/18/2021 that we previously used on our cancelled cruise. I called Norwegian today and asked if the expiration date could be extended and was told no. I was told to use them an book a cruise.... currently there are no sailings.... The current cruise destinations listed for 2021 really don’t interest us. They are unwilling to extend the expiration date, so it seems we will lose our monies. So much for Norwegian showing
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