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  1. Mine said that too on Armonia last week we were Fantastica. We used it on different days. $30 for 20-items, I believe.
  2. Our scheduled time was 11am, SIL was 1pm so she called and they said we could go in at anytime. We all got there around 11, and were sitting in the rum bar by 12.
  3. I ‘think’ there was a soda pkg available, but I am not sure if the price is worth it for a few a day. You can purchase it at any of the bars, but you cannot bring in your own at embarkation. Lots of people purchased them at ports though, and brought them on.
  4. Same cruise for us, but on the 7th floor. Same issues with A/C, we had a little fan, but purchased a large one on Roatan. Had technician in 4-times, never was cooler than 82-degrees F, according to my watch. We tried to stay in the cooler areas as much as possible. I agree, MDR was necessary to stay cool and get an available seat. Also loved Caffe San Marco, and had either almond milk or soy milk lattes on everyday, but one when they were out of non dairy. Wish gelato flavors had changed, but it was still very good, and we also loved the pizza.
  5. The machines had iced tea, water, lemonade, strawberry kiwi juice, and some tropical mango juice. I brought my own reusable travel mug and refilled as needed to carry around with me especially by the pool. For me, just having gotten off the con was other passengers. So many rude people that would just stop and stand in front of you while you’re sitting listening to music. Kids running around screaming with no parents around, kids pushing into the lines in front of you. That, I put a stop to immediately. I think and am afraid that since prices went so low, clientele decency went down too.
  6. Well, about the extension cord. Two of my bags got flagged for having them. They pulled our 2-suitcases and said I had extension cords, which I actually had one regular extension cord and one power strip surge protector with USB ports. When they told me to open up my bag to pull them out, it was a mess of me digging in my bag with about 100 people behind me. The poor guy just told me not to use them said the electricity could handle the extra.
  7. I was just on Armonia and with exception of losing Cuba, which we originally booked for (and through no fault of MSC) that was the only change to our itinerary. We were in our ports for exact times (sometimes longer) than what was posted. Only snafu we had was there was a medical emergency after we left Costa Maya to go to Cozumel, so we turned around and went back to Costa Maya about 2-hrs after we left. Still made it to Cozumel on time, though. We did not purchase a drink pkg as it seemed the brands offered on the easy pkg were not preferred by us and honestly, I wouldn’t drink
  8. Just off Armonia and it seemed anything goes. We dressed up for elegant nights, I wore a dress that I would wear to a wedding, Dh wore a dress shirt with a tie and dress slacks. My girls (13 & 15) dressed, well 15 yr old wore dresses, 13 yr old doesn’t dress up so she wore a pant suit one piece one night and black pants, nice top the other with just black Birkenstock’s. We saw people in shorts on those nights, even ripped jeans, they were not denied access to the MDR. Screaming unruly kids were EVERYWHERE and nothing was said to them that I was aware of. That part annoyed me, trying to hav
  9. Oh great!! Will do, thanks for the tip!
  10. Just got to our room on Armonia and for some reason remembered your question...the outlet in our bathroom (once I found it attached to hair dryer) does NOT work with the light off. We are Fantastica on 7th floor, ocean view if that makes a difference. Also, our mini bar/frig is locked, no drink pkg was purchased, so I am a bit bummed about not having a frig. And only 2 outlets in our room, but I brought a surge protector that has additional USB ports and outlets. Hope that helps!
  11. Great, thanks anyway your whole post has been very informative!
  12. Oh good, someone to ask questions, I didn't see this before posting my latest thread. 1. Is there a texting app to stay in touch with other family members on the ship without the data plan? 2. Did your tickets state that you received the 'All in' drink package? We were told when we booked that we would receive it, but it doesn't state it anywhere on our tickets or invoice and I cannot get my TA to answer the question. We have 2-oceanviews Fantastica. TIA!!
  13. I was wondering if there was a texting app that I could use on Armonia without purchasing a data plan? We will have 6-family members on board and sometimes just a "where are you guys" text is needed. TIA!
  14. That will be rough on me, too!!
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