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    Podcast Recommendations

    Cruising Cruise Radio Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast Just Cruisin' with Larry Finance Afford Anything Choose FI Money in the Morning Stacking Benjamins Optimal Finance Daily Christian Key Life Truth for Life The Ziglar Show
  2. Alaska06

    Which Private Tour? Bernard or Joyce

    We toured with Joyce several years ago. It was great. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Forums mobile app
  3. I wear a tux. It makes me feel like James Bond and I'm out with one of the Bond girls.
  4. Alaska06

    Why do you choose to cruise?

    We cruise for several reasons: It's a great value. Fewer decisions Less work I can put my phone in the safe and have a great reason why I didn't answer calls on vacation. No Facebook or Twitter - see above - After our last cruise, I don't even go on those platforms anymore. Cruise Critic and other forums is what I am back to - what we used before Facebook. Great service (For those who complain about the service, "Where is it better? I have had much worse service in hotels and restaurants.) Great food - see above - and I live just outside Charleston, SC, one of the high end restaurant areas of the country that is consistently rated #! in the world for tourism. If people think the food is that much better in high end restaurants than on the ship, more power to them. I don't. I have had excellent and poor meals in both. We eat most dinners in the MDR and love it. Unpacking once for several locations It's simple and easy. Pay one price We learn something on every cruise about how to make it even better.
  5. Alaska06

    Allure of The Seas Inside Tips

    Is the Solarium ages 16+ on the Allure? Hoping so. We used it all of the time on the Oasis and it was a nice quiet place to enjoy breakfast or just a chair in the sun.
  6. We were on the Oasis in early March on itinerary #1. Jamaica is great, if you get a tour. We went with Marvyn's Paradise Tours to Dunn's River Falls and Blue Hole. I would recommend it. Cozumel is fun too. We took a taxi to a park/beach and did some snorkeling in the rain. They have a sea lion show and dolphin show as well: all included in the admission ($21). It was our third time to Cozumel and it is one of my favorite ports. We are going on the Allure in December.
  7. I like the warmer weather. I need 80*+ to be comfortable in short sleeves. That said, I really liked our Alaska cruise.
  8. Alaska06

    Can men wear khaki shorts at MDR?

    I bring a tux but we drive to the terminal. I rented one when we went on an Alaska cruise, but that was in 2006. The Alaska cruise was much dressier overall than Caribbean cruises we have been on. He will be fine in a shirt and tie, a tie isn't even mandatory. Is he totally against a sport coat? I was very cold on our Alaska trip.
  9. Alaska06

    I work on 'independence of the seas'!

    What percentage of the crew is prone to seasickness? What measures do they take to prevent it? I ask because I am fairly prone to motion sickness and take a Bonine before bed every night on a cruise. I wonder if there are other measures to take.
  10. Alaska06

    No drinks' package.

    I would take the onbard credit. We have never spent more than $10 on beverages on a ship; except our first cruise when we bought the soda package and realized that we could have done without it.
  11. Alaska06

    I have Royal Carribean Stock.

    Be sure to watch those points. They fall off after a while. I used the card and thought I was building up points for five years. It turns out, I was losing points faster than I was earning them. I quit using the card.
  12. There are some great tips on this board. There were several mentions of clocks and alarm clocks early on. While this might be necessary for some folks, on many ships the phone has a clock and there is wake up service. We also use room service as a wake up call. We order coffee and tea every morning and they call before they come. There is no charge (except what you choose to tip) for this service on RCI. Many watches have alarms too. I use synthetic boxer briefs on cruises. They rinse out easy in the shower, dry overnight, and are lighter than cotton boxers. I can pack fewer and rinse textra plugs. hem or back enough for the cruise and they don't take up any room. I don't know why people need extra plugs either (CPAP machines notwithstanding). There were three plugs in our room and the only thing that needed charging was the camera battery. We did charge our phones the night before we left, but even that only took two outlets. My wife uses a flat iron for her hair; so that too. We used to bring the shoe bag, but most rooms have enough storage now and if we only need something once or twice, we put it in the suitcase under the bed. We packed one carry on (mine), one garment bag for tux and dresses, and one larger suitcase (wife's) last trip; and we drove in. I am working on getting us down to two carry ons. We'll see how that works out.
  13. Where is the spa shower on the Oasis? My wife and I both worked out in the gym and neither of us could find it.
  14. Check your Credit Card benefits. Some offer coverage for trip cancellation. https://www.cardbenefits.citi.com/Products/Costco-Trip-Cancellation-Interruption-Protection Mine only covers medical reasons, but others may have other stipulations. Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection appliesfor reasons listed below. It doesn’t provide coverageif the Covered Traveler simply choose to change plans,have a work conflict, not feeling well but still able totravel, preferred lodging isn’t available or the CoveredTraveler can reach their destination but decide notto travel. Any event/incident that occurred prior tothe Trip being booked are not covered. Please see“What’s Not Covered” for additional restrictions.
  15. RCC will allow cases of soda and water (as well as other non perishable food/drinks) to be carried on as well as two 750 ml bottles of wine per stateroom. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/food-drink-onboard-policy https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/onboard-alcohol-guest-policy