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  1. I love that you are adding pics as you go along. Very nice.
  2. I agree Bookbug53. Seeing all of your own bookings is one thing, but seeing someone elses, is something. And I only wanted to link those bookings together for dining purposes. But, I now have full access to all of their bookings. That is not right and Carnival said they would fix it, but that was 2 weeks ago. All still the same. I do not like it at all.
  3. All I know is that I tried to link other bookings of our group to let Carnival know that we are all traveling together so that we will be seated together at dinner. But, it actually loaded their bookings onto my "manage my booking" page. Shows me how much they paid and how much they owe, all of their private booking information, their names and dob and vifp numbers etc. This is not right. I called Carnival on this and they said they would remove them. But, a week later, they are still showing on my page.
  4. 2 That takes you to the same stuff that "manage my booking" takes you to. It isn't any different. Doing business is not as easy as it was before. Takes forever to find the place you want to be and some places you can never find. I sent a message to them and it seems that they have had a lot of complaints. And linking a booking to your booking, actually gives you full access to that booking. Not good.
  5. I love this subject. After 25 cruises, I still learn something. Thanks. I am going to take notes.
  6. I hate the new format on Carnival. I am having so much trouble navigating around it now. And, I liked the older format where you could see the whole cruise itinerary with arrival and departure times all on one page. Now, you have to scroll and scroll to see each day. Crazy.
  7. We only like Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi. We do not like any Coke products and that is all the ship carries. Contract. I wish they would change.
  8. I have no problem with no pens. I bring my own. Who doesn't travel without something to write with? Take one from the hotel you stay in the night before your cruise. I like that Carnival is eliminating one more plastic "thing" that may get thrown overboard. Now if we can just get them to eliminate all of the paper ads that are delivered to our cabin and adding more waste to the can.
  9. We bought those tag holders last cruise from Amazon. Really nice. I have enough to put on every bag. Including my carry on and my husband. LOL
  10. This was a great question. I have always printed in color, because I thought it was better for the luggage handlers to see what deck, etc that the luggage goes to. If it is only in black and white, they have to look closer to the tag to check the deck/cabin number. At least that is how it used to be. But, I will not waste money on color ink for my printer anymore. Because I would always go out and buy just for this purpose.
  11. Wow, thanks. Has been 2 years since we cruised. Prices have definitely gone up. But, still not feasible to buy the cheers package. I might, but hubby would definitely not drink enough to purchase. If they would just let me buy it. But, I understand why they have the rule. Good info here and I appreciate it. 🙂
  12. Is there anywhere I can find a "current" menu showing the cost of individual drinks on board. We are budgeting and don't drink enough to buy the pkg. Thanks
  13. Do you remember how far from the ship and how long to get to this resort?
  14. Hey CallyCruzer, do you remember how much you paid per person?
  15. This will be our second time in Curacao. The 1st time was many years ago and we just got off the ship and walked around wherever our legs/feet would take us. But, this time, we would love to spend the afternoon at a nice beach. One with a clean sandy beach, no rocks. Also calm waters and one with facilities right there to use the restrooms and clean sand off before heading back to ship. Also, would like to have a place to get something to eat and drink. Doesn't take forever to get to the beach and easy to get back to the ship. I know...………………...you are asking, "oh, is that all?" LOL Thank you. ps.....Is there shopping near the port to waste an hour or so before getting back on the ship?
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