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  1. I have a cruise on the transatlantic on the Epic April 18th, I have decided to cancel but haven't yet as I was holding out to see if the situation changes. I also considered whether or not NCL would cancel the cruise themselves which may seem likely now as I'm sure a refund would have to be given instead of FCC. Also my flight to Miami is with Norwegian Air so may be cancelled anyway.
  2. I'm doing to the same transatlantic on the Epic next month, so might see there! I've also done the Epic in November the last 2 years.
  3. My cruise in April went down by £80 last Friday (I only booked the just cruise rate), I spoke to my PCC and was given a 3 meal speciality dining package. I was happy with that. It's since gone by a further £80. So it's always worth asking to see if they will offer anything.
  4. Could be any reason for that! You are right to continue monitoring prices as that is what I do until it gets to a price I like and then book. So if that's the right price for you then I would book.
  5. I travel solo and quite often find the solo rate for an inside is cheaper than the studio
  6. Last November I did a 13 day Transatlantic and after 1 days break went on another ship for a 7 day Caribbean one. I love longer cruises and am gong on the same 13 day Transatlantic cruise next Sunday - can't wait 😊
  7. I've often booked GTY cabins and never had a bad one. I travel solo and the price difference between one with no perks and one with is often too much.
  8. I've been on the Epic twice in 2015 and then again for the Transatlantic in 2017. I'll be going back on her in less than 2 weeks for the Transatlantic crossing between Barcelona and Orlando. The Epic is one of my favourite ships as it has some unique features unlike some of the other Norwegian ships.
  9. 18 days until Epic TA Barcelona to Orlando (Port Canaveral)!!
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