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  1. I'm booked at this resort in June. Quick question: When buying items at the shop, is cash needed or can everything be charged to the room?
  2. Nicole usually writes updates on her travel blog - sunglassesandumbrelladrinks
  3. Just called Carnival because my July 3, 2021 booking on the Sunrise was no longer showing in my planner. This took me by surprise as it is NOT one of the cruises listed on the canceled list as of August 5th. The Carnival rep explained that my booking was not canceled, but was being moved up a week to June 26th on the Horizon. All changes should be finalized by August 24th. The strange thing is, I'm also booked on the Sunrise sailing December 26, 2021 and it is one of the canceled cruises. This is still showing on my planner. The Carnival rep could not offer me any informatio
  4. I too, have had 3 cruises canceled. We flew to SLC, rented a car drove back home through Yellowstone, Mt.Rushmore and other places along the way that looked interesting. Planning to spend next week in Myrtle Beach.
  5. I was on the Conquest for a 7 day last October. The ship is probably one of my favorites; easy to navigate; clean; etc. I can not comment on the kid situation, however, I do think that on a shorter trip in May/June, you will likely have an abundance of kids on the ship if school is not in session. Go for it!
  6. I did this cruise SB 2019. The ship never felt crowded at all.we cruised the last week of March.
  7. To answer your questions: Yes, we were on the ship the last week of March. The ship never felt crowded, we never waited in line for anything. We struggled getting from our aftish stateroom to the forward dining room. Some of the decks, you can't walk all the way across. We are typically balcony cruisers, this time, I didn't want to pay the almost doubled rate for one and picked a room with just a window. However, next time, I would probably just get an interior as you are truly never on the ship. Yes, all you have to do is ask for ice, and robes. An
  8. I was on the Fascination for Spring Break 2019. The itinerary is definitely one I would consider doing again. My feelings about the Fascination are pretty neutral. The itinerary was so port intensive, basically all you do is eat, sleep and shower on the ship. I can’t comment on the entertainment as we were too tired to go to any shows. I don’t think we ever saw or heard from the cruise director. Pros Great itinerary Never felt crowded Good sized pool Good service Good food Easy to get on/off Cons Limited balcony rooms Hard to
  9. Without knowing the itinerary, my choice based only on the ship would be the Magic.
  10. I'm a Hilton person myself and always stay at Hilton Garden Inn, Miami Airport West. Free shuttle from MIA and a for fee shuttle to the port. I've stayed here many times and have always had a good experience.
  11. Thanks! My next cruise is an 8 day. Laundry service will probably be needed.
  12. What is the average current price for a bag of laundry? I have a good amount of OBC to use on my July cruise and am trying to find the best way to put it to use. I am already planning to use the OBC for gratuity, but am also trying to think of other practical uses.
  13. I’m a Lido person as well, when available. Still not sure how I ended up on 11. Must have been a blonde moment.🤷🏼‍♀️
  14. I’m feeling ya. I’m sorta in a similar situation with an upcoming cruise, except it involves my crazy family members instead of a “Baby Momma”. Can we start referring to her as “BM” for short or is that a little crappy? Sorry-bad joke. I hope you can have a great time while giving her the full “Sid experience “. Expect the worst, hope for the best. Right?
  15. We haven’t heard much about “Baby Momma”; is she enjoying her 1st cruise experience?
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