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  1. CruzinKristin

    Price Drop?

    Pride of America in June.
  2. CruzinKristin

    Price Drop?

    The saga continues... My cruise is now $2500 cheaper so I called NCL again; after being on hold for 30 minutes NCL refuses to offer me any additional compensation. If I cancel and rebook, it will be a 25% fee, so basically I won't gain anything. I'm thinking this will be my 1st and only time sailing NCL. I don't like seeing these significant price drops after final payment date.
  3. CruzinKristin

    Price Drop?

    Just got off the phone... They offered me an upgraded room. I went from Deck 7 to Deck 10. I was also offered a room on Deck 11, but the room on 10 was better. The lady on the phone, her name was Deb; was very helpful - I had asked if I could just get the "free at sea" offers since I booked a sail away rate. I just wanted the dining and the internet. She said that they won't do that, but will do upgraded rooms or sometimes a percentage of the difference in OBC, depending on what the supervisor wants to offer.
  4. CruzinKristin

    Price Drop?

    I've noticed that my cruise that I have booked in June has went down about $400. Will Norwegian give me the difference like other cruise lines will? Thanks!
  5. CruzinKristin

    Mary Lou's Tours

    I have been unsuccessful with trying to book a tour with Mary Lou online. I finally gave up and sent an email asking about dates. Below is the automated response I received. Condolences to the family. Aloha and thank you for contacting us. This is an automated response. We apologize for any inconvenience, but at this time, due to the sudden and unexpected passing of Ken Smet, Marylou’s Big Island Guided Tours is temporarily unavailable. No new tours are being accepted. Tours through March are being cancelled at this time. You will receive a separate correspondence if you have a tour with us in March. All other existing tours booked on the calendar will be contacted in the event it needs to be cancelled. We appreciate your understanding and patience at this difficult time for Marylou and the ohana(family). For anyone that knows Ken and Marylou, or a return guest that would like to send their condolences, please feel free to use the address below: Smet Ohana 68-1845 Waikoloa Rd. Suite 106-127 Waikoloa, HI 96738
  6. CruzinKristin

    Why are there no Carnival Journeys in the summer!

    I second this! As a teacher, we are limited on travel dates. ( Full disclosure, we usually do cruise Spring and Fall Break.) We wanted to go to Hawaii this summer and are now booked with Norwegian instead of Carnival. If Carnival would have offered a summer Hawaii cruise I would have much preferred that.
  7. CruzinKristin

    Carnival Fascination Review 2/10-2/17

    Thanks for the review! We are going on this trip at the end of March. Can't wait!
  8. CruzinKristin

    Price Drop!

    Nice! I just checked all my cruises... everything went up not down. 😞
  9. CruzinKristin

    Paradise or Victory? Help me decide.....

    Victory was my 1st cruise. Size is just perfect in my opinion; not too big, not too small. Staff was great. Ship was clean.
  10. What time will the rooms be ready for us lowly folk that do not have priority status?
  11. CruzinKristin

    Just Off Fascination’s Christmas Cruise - Ask Away

    What time are room ready for those not having priority status?
  12. CruzinKristin

    Just Off Fascination’s Christmas Cruise - Ask Away

    When did you get your S&S card? Did it appear that many people check in, eat lunch then debark to go explore PR? How big of a deal is it to do this?
  13. Not sure where you are staying, but my go to Miami hotel is: Hilton Garden Inn; Miami Airport West. Free shuttle from MIA to hotel and then shuttle to port for $12 per person.
  14. CruzinKristin

    Boarding times in San Juan

    Will you get your S&S card at check in or will they be in the room mailbox?
  15. CruzinKristin

    More Carnival Fascination Questions

    I, too am having FTTF fun dilemma. After reading this thread, it seems that FTTF is not worth the expense. When do you get your sign and sail cards when boarding? It is at check in or will they be in the mailbox by your room?