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  1. I saw that too. It looked like they were doing exercise lol Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. I believe they have a meet and greet. The Rockettes also do a dance class. I read somewhere on here that was free. I'm on the same sailing! I cannot wait!
  3. Me too!!! I've come on here just about every hour to check for them today lol.
  4. I have 2 weeks to wait. We are anxious. The worst part is we live so close to the Hudson River that we get to see eveyone else sail her before we do :-(
  5. That's what I thought we are standing at tebHudson River waiting to see her pass but she is still docked
  6. I couldn't agree with this more! When the father was alive the bakery was the best around! They had the best cannoli,best Italian cookies, and the best crumb cake. Now it's all about the look and design of the special occasion cakes the taste is not great.
  7. Have any of you been on a cruise over Thanksgiving that has already been decorated for the holidays? We are leaving tomorrow on the explorer and would love to get my daughters Christmas pictures onboard. Thanks for any input you may have!
  8. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone sailing on the Explorer 11/1/08 has any pictures of the Coast Guard dropping off the blood transport. That was actually for my grandfather. We were all down in the ships hospital with him and weren't able to see it. If you would like to email them to me my address is gamblet at libertytravel dot com Thanks in advance! Tara
  9. hi brenda, My grandfather is the passanger the coast guard needed to bring blood for. He ended up with pnemonia but is getting better each day. Thank you for your thoughts! I don't have much time for a review, but I wanted to say this was my 6th time on the explorer and it was the worst dining room service I have ever had! But I didn't let that ruin the trip. I must say the ship hospital was excellent! they even called my mother yesterday to see how my grandfather was doing! So even though service lacked in the dining room it was made up in other places!
  10. http://www.1010wins.com/Mother--Cruise-Ship-Slip-was-No-Accident/2178733
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