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  1. the maskless folks who weren't hassled by the airline were probably air marshals, my hubby works gov't adjacent and in DC a ton and a lot of the fed gov't agencies, esp law enforcement, military, legal etc have still left it optional for their employees and most are maskless he says. I'm interested in how casinos will do it, that will be a good indicator of what cruising would look like since it is entertainment/lots have hotels. So far a lot seem to be requiring masks.
  2. Before all of this started, I told myself I'd start taking more princess cruises, I am really hoping they survive this.
  3. How did she go from gov't medical related to cruise industry jimbo? That doesn't seem like it gels.
  4. I just listened to an interview on NPR where that was hypothesized.
  5. both of these are state not federal regulations and has nothing to do with not being in the USA. State highway funds are conditioned upon having the drinking age at 21 (or above) but I don't think CCL gives a hoot about that. Smoking lowers the odds of contraction by 20-25x. They are actually testing a tobacco based vaccine. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-05-15/cigarette-maker-s-coronavirus-vaccine-poised-for-human-tests
  6. Im not even a slot player and I do this most of the time. I think it's natural reaction wow that's really wild. What if they were handicapped or something? If people wnat to make non-smoking ocmmunities that's cool but to make it a law, I mean come on. We have bigger problems in society to worry about.
  7. Hitler passed a law like that. Do they also ban eating meat? I think he was big on doing that too. Serious question though, do they actually enforce this and how? Police or do the landlords have to enforce it? I just can't imagine the mechanics of this.
  8. I also live in Ohio, I don't think most bar and restaurant owners would agree with that.
  9. I wasn't trying to convince you of anything pal. Don't even know who you are. I see you're a fellow Ohioan. Our loser governors Kasich and DeSwine were working really hard to ban smoking the past 10 years or so, you should try to convince them to get jobs at Carnival if you hate smoking so much.
  10. social distancing. If smokers can't congregate in the casino due to new rules, where will they go?
  11. pal I'm not saying it's 100% good for you but to say it's 100% bad just kills all credibility.
  12. I had not seen this stat until you just posted but just saw it in several places as 5%. I know smoking maybe isn't good for everything but it has always blown my mind how no one ever talks about it when it does have a health benefit. 1) weight loss 2) reduced incidence of allergies 3) better mental health 4) better pharmacological uptake of certain drugs 5) increased cognitive performance 6) lower chance of contracting the covid flu and people wonder why some of us question health authorities
  13. why the hell would they ban smoking in reaction to this? It's been shown that smokers are 4x less prone to this flu than the general public. They don't know if it is the nicotine or something else in the cigarette but they've already been giving patients nicotine patches in many hospitals around the world.
  14. hopefully they add some more indoor smoking areas, if they are trying to keep people in the casino from being to crammed. Seems like a no-brainer and I've been saying it for years, maybe this will be a positive that comes from this damn flu stuff.
  15. Jimbo when are you planning to book, not dates but when are you actually planning to pull the trigger? I'm getting some fabulous deals from the casino in terms of obc but they aren't really great rates so if they cancel I don't know what will happen to the obc. I'm more worried about how the booking/potential rebooking/financials will play out than I am about the virus itself.
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