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  1. the maskless folks who weren't hassled by the airline were probably air marshals, my hubby works gov't adjacent and in DC a ton and a lot of the fed gov't agencies, esp law enforcement, military, legal etc have still left it optional for their employees and most are maskless he says. I'm interested in how casinos will do it, that will be a good indicator of what cruising would look like since it is entertainment/lots have hotels. So far a lot seem to be requiring masks.
  2. Before all of this started, I told myself I'd start taking more princess cruises, I am really hoping they survive this.
  3. How did she go from gov't medical related to cruise industry jimbo? That doesn't seem like it gels.
  4. I just listened to an interview on NPR where that was hypothesized.
  5. social distancing. If smokers can't congregate in the casino due to new rules, where will they go?
  6. pal I'm not saying it's 100% good for you but to say it's 100% bad just kills all credibility.
  7. I had not seen this stat until you just posted but just saw it in several places as 5%. I know smoking maybe isn't good for everything but it has always blown my mind how no one ever talks about it when it does have a health benefit. 1) weight loss 2) reduced incidence of allergies 3) better mental health 4) better pharmacological uptake of certain drugs 5) increased cognitive performance 6) lower chance of contracting the covid flu and people wonder why some of us question health authorities
  8. why the hell would they ban smoking in reaction to this? It's been shown that smokers are 4x less prone to this flu than the general public. They don't know if it is the nicotine or something else in the cigarette but they've already been giving patients nicotine patches in many hospitals around the world.
  9. hopefully they add some more indoor smoking areas, if they are trying to keep people in the casino from being to crammed. Seems like a no-brainer and I've been saying it for years, maybe this will be a positive that comes from this damn flu stuff.
  10. Jimbo when are you planning to book, not dates but when are you actually planning to pull the trigger? I'm getting some fabulous deals from the casino in terms of obc but they aren't really great rates so if they cancel I don't know what will happen to the obc. I'm more worried about how the booking/potential rebooking/financials will play out than I am about the virus itself.
  11. Above and below the casino are the two worst spots for sound in my experience. The music is loud and stays on the latest. It sounds like your is deaf neighbor has his tv from 8:00 AM to 4:00 AM. It’s not ear shattering but you can hear the lyrics of the music. A tv blocked it out, though i hate sleeping with the tv on. Compared to some hotels, it’s not too bad, but as far as cruise cabins go, not great. I’ve stayed above the night club and below the comedy club before and they were quiet. Maybe the engineers put more thought in design for those. Some would say deck 1 cabins are loud but it’s a different type of noise that you can get used to vs music when your brain recognizes/reacts to. I book inside, mid ship deck 1 or 2 if I can because you can’t beat the sleep quality and we’re all mobile enough for stairs still. They are cheapest usually too so win/win
  12. My son wanted me to ask people if there has been any announcements or indication about the status of the NCL poker challenge. He also wanted to know about whether people sell their tickets. He has done blackjack, poker and slot tournies on other lines by buying tickets on ebay and craigslist. I think he’s interested in purchasing for the right price if anyone has a ticket they can’t or won’t use.
  13. You people do realize that there isn't a shortage of ventilators, I just noticed people talking about that. The deployment of the ventilators are the point in the system that may be a problem but the gov't/media is misleading you on that issue in order to exert their views.
  14. Every time that I remind people that there are actual nazis still alive they look at my funny but do we really need anymore proof that we aren't that far removed from those atrocities? These rules are getting ridiculous
  15. Jimbo - we've only invested semi-seriously in carnival off and on since 2016, with a couple trades before that. Do you remember off hand if they have done buy backs or what the history of the dividend has been? I knew this information at some point but it's not in my recall right now and I am not seeing what I want on bloomberg research.
  16. It may be hurricane szn before they get the cruise ships moving again.
  17. way to lead from the front and set a great example for everyone on here.
  18. I'd be ok with a loan at favourable interest rates to the US people
  19. I know we're all here together because we like cruises or are interested in cruising. As much as I love the activity, I'm going to be livid if they bailout the cruise industry. These companies have avoided taxes and hiring US workers for years and shouldn't take advantage of the American public fiske. Businesses shouldn't operate under the assumption that we are going to bail them out when they are on the verge of failing. Pull yourselves up by the bootstraps. Am I the only one thinking this way?
  20. They shouldn't bail them out, they've avoided taxes and not hired US citizens for years. There is no compelling interest to keep vacations within reach of the general population. I think Carnival should split the brand up between its larger and newer ships and its older ships and try to differentiate products a little more. If possible, they should also add some more capacity in the smaller ports like Baltimore, Charleston etc. Those places always had some of the highest prices.
  21. Shareholder OBC is going to be the first cutback. Cruising is going to be a changing in a lot of ways though. I could see CCL staying firm around 3-5 per share for awhile the weirder all of this stuff gets. The company will trail the economy as a whole in terms of rebounding revenue.
  22. We broke 10, can we break 5? Where's the bottom?
  23. There will be a ton of cutbacks within 2 years. If I were Carnival I'd be focusing on brand differentiation. I think they should go to less upsells and more of an all inclusive model if they want to be a value.
  24. It's going to $6.50. I keep talking myself out of pulling the trigger on buying thankfully! I am going to use double the cash I got from selling our shares in June and load up around $7.15
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