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  1. We purchase Cheers and will leave a $1 extra per round sometimes more and always get good service like the above mentioned the bartenders remember you and will make sure you get served.
  2. I agree try it. There were four of us three of us had the lobster and my daughter had the Wagyu steak. The lobster was good and since this is not offered on the 4 night cruises we thought it was a good choice. My daughter really liked her steak its a specialty meat so its rare to find. Just make sure you pick all you choices we thought you could only pick soup/salad or an appetizer. Third night in we realized you could get both. Lobster bisque was good I cant remember what appetizers we ate. Cheese cake was pretty good and the chocolate sphere was also good. My daughter who is 21 said lets just eat at the steak house every night from now on when we cruise.
  3. Yes definitely we have gotten into the habit of going 2 to 3 nights. We enjoy the relaxed atmosphere over the dining room and its more of an intimate setting. We enjoy the food options over the dining room as well. Our upcoming cruise in November on the Sunrise we are booked 2 nights in the steakhouse and 2 nights in the Italian restaurant.
  4. Seems like a nice new option for breakfast and lunch . Bowls seem to be the new thing these days. Its good to see Carnival trying new things
  5. We were on the Victory over Thanksgiving of 2018. We enjoyed our cruise. They had some of the best staff very friendly.
  6. Following looking forward to your review. We will be sailing November 25th.
  7. I miss how good the food use to be. I remember some cruise lines used to do some table side items. Caesar salads, cherries jubilee, and Baked Alaska yes they still have it but there used to be a presentation with it flaming. I do not necessarily miss the mid night buffet but I do miss the the ice sculptors and some of the food presentation. The vodka flowing ice sculpture in the atrium bar they had on a few ships.
  8. We always leave an extra cash tip. We also tip bartenders and room stewards and others cash as well.
  9. Just off Liberty and yes they had the Bonsia Sushi counter.
  10. I am curious too. We just got off the Liberty on the 4/11 and had a good cruise. I think this was our 4th time sailing her. I like the layout of this ship and staff are so friendly they even remembered us from our previous cruise. I cant say to much about the dining room since we ended up eating 3 out of the 4 nights in the steakhouse. The only thing I didn't care for was that our sea day was the first day and not last. This ship has a lot of the amenities we look for when booking.
  11. Just got off the Liberty this past week and they also had the Truly.
  12. Yes they were available. I think it was like $20 but if you have cheers you can not order this.
  13. Yes we book the first night as well as the last night. We do YTD so never a problem with the MDR. Usually you are not missing anything special in the MDR on either of these nights.
  14. We have had both but the last few years have been inside cabins but up high I would rather be up high then below on the bottom levels. This way we save money on a cabin we are barely in and spend our money on all the fun stuff we like to do. Cheers package, Steakhouse and all the other little things. And we can cruise more this way. Trying a spa cabin for the first time In November on the Sunrise so this might be our new cabin category.
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