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  1. I received my email confirmation with my OBC and deposits moved to a new booking from a cancellation but when I checked Carnivals website with my booking the OBC does not show. Before I call my PVP has anyone else noticed this as well? I am sure it will be honored since I have the email.
  2. No the deposit was only$250 I can't really figure it out. Our deposit on our April Mardi Gras cruise was $250 which was cancelled. The deposit for our November cruise was $150 which was cancelled. So Carnival had $400 but still wanted the $100.00 to book the new cruise. $250 seems to be in limbo. I booked the new cruise reduced deposit 2 for 1.
  3. We had our April Mardi Gras cruise cancelled. Called our PVP to rebook for Thanksgiving 2021 on the Mardi Gras. We had $400 on the April cruise $150 was from a cancellation from November to rebook I had to put another $100 down to make the $250 deposit and the rest would be applied to the balance . Didn't really make sense but that's what it was. I did receive the $600 OBC . Still waiting for all this to show on my booking. We also had received the free cheers offer but would of actually cost another $1,200 . .
  4. We are on a five day. It should leave on Monday and return on Saturday. I would hope it would be the same amount of nights.
  5. We are booked on the November 23rd sailing. The email we received stated our cruise would now operate from the Port of Miami on a sailing within 2 to 7 days of original departure. Our stateroom assignment will remain the same. We would also receive a $100 OBC . Hoping the dates do not change due to this being Thanksgiving break for us. We should know by August 23rd.
  6. We have done 2 road trips. First to the Smoky Mountains and second to Savannah. Both trips were good but I miss my cruises. Hopefully we will be sailing for our booked Thanksgiving trip on the Sunrise.
  7. As others have stated I think the only value is if the ship has the Thermal Suites. The Spa cabins do have excellent locations as well and tend to be in a quieter area.
  8. I also voted for the Destiny class . We really enjoyed our cruise on the Sunrise . We liked the Red Frog Pub Venue and the extra food outlets. And it was our first Spa cabin experience. I am hooked on Spa cabins but they have to have the Thermal suites. Before that I would have said the Liberty. We are booked on the Mardi Gras for April cant wait to try the therapy pool. l
  9. Usually drive to port the morning of. Living in Florida most ports are a very short drive. We have on occasion when flying out of Miami stayed in a hotel the night before.
  10. November 23rd on Carnival Sunrise. Just booked Carnival Mardi Gras for April excited about this one.
  11. We have a cruise booked for Thanksgiving so yes we will go if they are sailing by this time.
  12. We book Empress or higher and to the front of the ship. We were on the Sunrise in November and were very happy with the location on the Promenade deck. Convenient to everything and quiet.
  13. You will need a Spa pass to go into the Thermal suites. Some one here had said there was a small coed sauna I did not see this when we were on her in November but we had a spa cabin so didn't look for one either. The gym is a decent size and there is a small free weight area with dumb bells. Not sure about the pools thinking maybe it was like open till 10.
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