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  1. November 23rd on Carnival Sunrise. Just booked Carnival Mardi Gras for April excited about this one.
  2. We have a cruise booked for Thanksgiving so yes we will go if they are sailing by this time.
  3. We book Empress or higher and to the front of the ship. We were on the Sunrise in November and were very happy with the location on the Promenade deck. Convenient to everything and quiet.
  4. You will need a Spa pass to go into the Thermal suites. Some one here had said there was a small coed sauna I did not see this when we were on her in November but we had a spa cabin so didn't look for one either. The gym is a decent size and there is a small free weight area with dumb bells. Not sure about the pools thinking maybe it was like open till 10.
  5. I was on the Sunrise in a Spa Cabin and I do not remember seeing a free coed option for the Saunas.
  6. The breakfast burger at Guys is really good. I did not get the hashbrown one but the one with the egg was so good I ate one for 3 days after I discovered them.
  7. Yes you pretty much can get anything but a few items. Some of the specialty juices are not available with the program.
  8. No hot tub in the Spa. We also enjoyed the location of the Spa Cabins we were forward on the Panorama deck.
  9. On the Sunrise over Thanksgiving we were given both Elemis shampoo and body wash in the dispensers but we also had miniatures bottles one of each shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturizer. From the spa we received a body scrub it was pre made and handed to us the first or second day .
  10. We were on her for Thanksgiving and enjoyed it so much booked it again for Thanksgiving 2020. I believe the ship was pretty much sold out and we really did not notice the crowding issues others have complained about.
  11. We also enjoyed our cruise over Thanksgiving on the Sunrise. We actually booked another cruise on it.
  12. Empress deck or higher and front for location very convenient to everything. Last cruise we booked a Spa cabin and will probably book these more on cruises that the thermal suites are only available to those booked in a spa cabin.
  13. We really enjoyed our Spa cabin on the Sunrise it did not have the therapy pool but it did have 3 different Sauna/steam rooms and the hot stone loungers which we really enjoyed. If it is set up like the Sunrise only Spa cabins and Spa Pass have access so very few people were using the amenities. We also really like the location of these cabins easy access to everything.
  14. We really enjoyed this cruise it was myself, husband, 21 year old daughter and her boyfriend. This was my 17th Carnival cruise. We were on the 10th deck with Spa cabins and we really enjoyed the access to the spa area especially since you can only have access to the steam rooms and sauna area with either a spa pass or room access. Which made for very few people there. Nice and relaxing. We did not take part in any of the other spa perks figured they would turn into a high pressure sales thing. The ship was very nice I really liked the world theme as I called it with the map on the ceiling in the atrium area. We thought the ship was clean. Did it show some of its age yes but nothing to bother us. My daughter and her boyfriend did the rope course they thought it was fun. We would have but it was windy that day and we had already partaken with a few cocktails having the Cheers program you know how that goes. Now for the food overall it was good. We ate in the dining room twice for dinner and I thought the service has become quicker it only took an hour for us to eat this time. Food was OK nothing to rave about. We ate in the steakhouse twice and it was good. We did the Table art for dessert one night its like others have said presentation is nice but just OK to actually eat. We also ate at the Italian Restaurant one night and here is where I would say the food could of been better. We actually had reserved this for two nights but canceled after the first night we ate there. It was very underwhelming and that we paid extra for it made it even more so. For breakfast we discovered the Guys breakfast burger on the second day and enjoyed this so much I think we ate this 3 times. We also tried the Lucky Bowl for breakfast but did not care for it. The food was cold and just not good. However I really enjoyed the lunch options for the Lucky Bowl. We also ate at the Brunch and I always have high expectations for this and I come away disappointed . We do not do buffets so I have no comments on the food for that. The lines did not seem any longer then any other ship I have been on. As others have mentioned there are some tight areas in and around the buffet area where the drink stations have been placed. We tend to avoid the crowds and pick off times to eat as best as we can. We really enjoyed the new added on Red Frog Pub area. We also saw two comedy shows and we found these easily they have signs up now showing you where to go. We didn't have problems getting a seat and maybe arrived 20 minutes before the show. The atrium Motown with the cruise director was fun as always. I thought the Flying Scottish man was one of the best cruise directors we have seen and very talented. We also saw two shows and didn't have any issues finding seats. The shows were ok. We really didn't have any issues navigating the ship maybe its where we were located everything was very easy for us to get to. The casino was ok we really didn't notice the smoke as others have mentioned and we are all non smokers. We did notice that there were areas that were hot and some were cold. My only complaint was our room did seem hot the whole cruise and the comedy club as well. For the itinerary my advice for Jamaica would be to book a excursions unless you liked to be harassed as you are trying to walk. We did not book one having already being here a few years back. Grand Cayman is ok we just walked around a bit has have been here a few times also. I am one of those that doesn't really book a cruise based on ports any more as having done them numerous times now. If your thinking about trying the Sunrise I would say go for it. Do not put to much into the negative reviews. From what I have read a lot of the negative things are about the people on the ship we really didn't experience any of this and I will say I was a little concerned about this when I knew the ship was basically full. We did have some issues with children running in the hallways at night which surprised me because from what others have said usually the Spa area is quite. I would go back on the Sunrise again in fact have been looking but all the Spa cabins are sold out for the dates I am looking. One more thing my daughter and I are both Platinum we were invited to the Platinum party neither of us attended the invitation was not extended to others. We both received the luggage tag and I am not sure why but I received a $40 off offer for an excursion she did not. Thats it for now. Happy sailing!
  15. Just off the Sunrise this past Thanksgiving week and they had them. It was surprisingly good. And the service was very personable. Actually ate 3 out of the 5 mornings there.
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