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  1. Just off the Sunrise this past Thanksgiving week and they had them. It was surprisingly good. And the service was very personable. Actually ate 3 out of the 5 mornings there.
  2. Great review it was refreshing to read a positive review we will be on her in 6 days and cant wait. My girls have been cruising since the ages of 4 and 5 and my oldest turns Platinum this cruise at 21. I have raised dedicated cruisers for life.
  3. I am wondering what the earliest time for Port Everglades we can get on the ship we are Platinum we are sailing the Sunrise over Thanksgiving
  4. You do not pay for disembark day. And yes you can order virgin and light handed drinks.
  5. You can also purchase a bottle of alcohol and have it delivered to your room. It is a pricey though.
  6. We do take advantage of all the above. I just get tired of drinking after 4 to 5 days of it.
  7. We have only purchased for the 4 and 5 night cruises and always come out ahead but I do not think we would purchase the Cheers for a cruise longer than that.
  8. Has anyone been there and have any information? We are looking at the ATV adventure there. Not sure about transportation to there either we will be on a cruise and docked in Ocho Rios.
  9. Steakhouse is $38 per person and the Italian restaurant is $15 per person. You can ask for special request at the deli. Yes they still have the chocolate buffet and I have not seen a midnight buffet in years but they may still do this on a Journeys cruise.
  10. The Liberty is one of our Favorite ships as well. we have sailed her 4 times. Watch the ship runners I just realized this was a thing on our last 2 cruises and didn't realize how popular it was. I have been sailing Carnival since 2004. Funny I never see anything on here about it. All the above tips are great as well. Do most of them myself. Sunrise is next for us depending on that outcome could be back to the Liberty for our April cruise.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to do this review. It was so nice to read all the positive things. I have not been on her yet will be over Thanksgiving and really looking forward to it. I find the negative reviews laughable as well most things the complaints are about are not even under Carnivals control. I was kinda exited about the Lucky Bowl. We really like the Ramen soup places that are local here so was hoping for something similar.
  12. Did you happen to notice if they still offer the Lobster by itself? I did not see it on the new menu only Surf &Turf.
  13. We are booked on her in November over Thanksgiving I have also read a lot of negative reviews But I have never been on a bad cruise and have sailed Carnival 15 times on various ships some new some older ships. Some of the reviews are laughable at what they are complaining about and make no sense. I am not worried at all I know we will have a good time.
  14. Just curious as to what your thoughts are on the Wagyu steak that is now offered?
  15. Priority boarding and having cabin ready when we board.
  16. We have done cheers the last couple of cruises. That button initially is hard to press but we have not regretted it. We are moderate drinkers and as others have said its peace of mind not worrying about a big bill at the end. Throw a couple of shots into the mix and you will have no problem breaking even. I always like to ask the different bartenders to make me their specialty.
  17. You are right very hard to come by I have been fortunate enough to snag a few and they are the first I look for when booking.
  18. I have had one of these cabins twice on the Liberty on the empress deck. We really liked the location and the secret deck. If it is windy its a little hard to open and close the door but besides that it was great. Ours had a window that the curtains had to be closed at night.Liberty so far is one of our favorite ships.
  19. I saw this this morning and am wondering if it will affect my already booked reservations for our upcoming cruise in November.
  20. I agree with you we always pay are tips and then some. In my mind there is no reason anyone should remove those gratuities.
  21. I dont think you should be able to take off the gratuities. They should be built into the fare just like the port taxes as a separate fee and paid before you go. When you go to a all inclusive resort and stay the week they do not let you remove the charges. And thats basically what a cruise is too.
  22. Its a specialty steak my daughter ordered it twice now and said its was very good. I had never heard of it before but she had and was very excited it was being offered. Very expensive to try and buy if you can even find it.
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