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  1. Have been to the Fjords a few time but the last time we went it was the month of June and it rained every day at some point and the scenic cruising was thick fog with the ships sirens being sounded!! Just unlucky that time other times it hasn't been as bad.
  2. Our last cruise was February 2020 on FO Braemar. Dom Rep to Barbados had a great time seems like a life time ago had a cruise to Australia cancelled Perth to Sydney.
  3. We've been to the Baltic's three times twice on Arcadia and once on Azura. First time was in July (2010) we had hot sunny weather every day except for one afternoon in Oslo when we had a rain shower. The other times were more recent May 2014 again lovely weather and the last time June 2017 (I think) that time the weather wasn't as good, a bit mixed but every time we thoroughly enjoyed the ports of call IMO some of the most interesting places to visit St Peterburg is well worth a visit there is so much to see. Of the cruise lines you mentioned we have only been on P&O and Pri
  4. In theory it sounds good only wheelchair users and others unable to use the stairs. For me personally I can use the stairs for going down OK but going up is a different story I struggle after two flights I look fit and am reasonably fit on the flat but stairs and hills take a big effort. People should not be judged by how they look I am (quite) slim and do a lot of walking but after having DVT and embolisms on my lungs and leg can sometimes struggle.
  5. We moved into a bungalow when still in our fifties (thought we might be too young ha ha) and I love it especially at one point when I was ill, great not having stairs 🙂
  6. Have I missed something? as I thought the advice was still not to cruise and if you do your insurance won't be valid. Even if that advice is lifted if you booked while it was in place you're still not covered😕 I shall certainly be looking at what's on offer but not booking until the FO change their advice. I double checked with our insurance and that is what I was told perhaps others have different advice.
  7. When we were on Braemar in February this year we were on a chartered flight. We didn't get to the ship until almost 8pm. Badly arranged with lots of confusion at the airport (Dom Rep) anyway we were having dinner late open sitting when eating our main course there was an announcement that we had to go for the safety drill and all bars and restaurants were closing at this time there were a lot of unhappy passengers. Every ship I've been on not only FO have had the drill before sailing, I'm sure it's a requirement.
  8. I always take my GHD straightners with me, wouldn't travel without them 😂 Never had a problem.
  9. I'm thinking positively and looking forward to hearing about cruises on these ships. Hopefully soon 😊
  10. We're getting a new kitchen fitted, front door and a holiday cottage in north Scotland 🙂
  11. We've sailed on the Braemar twice and loved it. Haven't been on any other FO usually sail with P&O or Princess. When discussing cruises with my husband recently we both said we now think she is our favourite ship. As the previous poster said we did feel some movement one evening but as it was in the Caribbean it was only the one evening 🙂
  12. When the waiter says "Another drink for madam?" 😉 It would be rude to refuse 😂 .
  13. We've only been on Braemar and had a great time. Felt a very friendly ship and the food was better than P&O who we normally go with.
  14. Of course WCM could be drinking the other national drink Irn Bru 😂😂
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