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  1. I wonder if Royal is going to follow the same timeline (I have an RCCL cruise on 23 July)?
  2. I found the food to be very lack luster with little taste for an Italian restaurant.
  3. I heard the band on my Vista cruise in a Havana Inside. Didn't bother me as I;m a heavy sleeper but the bad was clearly heard.
  4. There is a huge difference between "adjusting" tips due to poor service that was never corrected and "removing" tips to be cheap and save money. Just came off the Conquest and had people behind me in the buffet high-fiving each other because they removed all their tips (30+ people in a group) to save money. Took everything I had to bite my tongue and keep my mouth shut. And the lines at GS the last night were horrendous which makes it difficult for those with real issues to get service. Personally, i'd like to see where tips are added just like taxes and port charges. The base rate of the cruise would be the same (for advertising purposes) and if someone missed the cruise they would be returned but otherwise they would be mandatory. Crews still have incentive to work hard because otherwise they would lose their job (just like every other job around). Do you still do your best at work even though you don't get tips?? Think about it.
  5. Walking has a health risk as well. Every single action you do in life from the moment you are born till the moment you die has some risk associated with it so what's your point?
  6. And now waiters/waitresses walking around the MDR with Baked Alaska that has an open flame on top. So much higher risk of a fire starting with that than an almost dead cigarette landing on non-combustible material and starting a fire.
  7. Because there is no rule or requirement to narc on someone.
  8. I know I wouldn't report it. And there is no definitive proof that the Princess fire was caused by a cigarette with. Huge difference to be proven to cause something versus suspected.
  9. As far as Carnival is concerned (and I agree) there is absolutely no difference between smoking and vaping.
  10. Looks to me like you conveniently forgot the word "may" when it comes to kicking people off the ship. The only difference between the old policy and the new one is the change from $250 to $500. Otherwise no difference. And of course it all has to be proven to begin with. No one is going to be charged anything or kicked anywhere based on another cruiser's word.
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