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  1. Such a dilemma, though if the cruise goes ahead,we can be certain there will be stringent health, safety and hygeine rules that all passengers will be willing to adhere to
  2. I've never been so safe ! I go out once for minor food shopping to Lidl where it's ultra safe - the first time I went, I was limping after a clumsy fall, so the security guard really looks after me, even now.He won t let me queue and calls me in, lifts for me and even takes my trolley and returns my £1 to me. The bulk of my shopping comes fron an online order.My only other 'escape' is to my sister's, where my 93 year old dad lives. We sit outside ,each at opposing ends of a large patio table and we split a bottle of wine. Long story but originally he was going to do the 2019 WC with me bu
  3. Thanks for that, the prices you quote seem quite sensible - but I would rather keep my funds for shore excursions. But one or two visits for hair cutting would be good, to correct the damage I will do with my diy method. The sauna is free to use on P and O Ventura which I always planned to use on the first few days of cruising, before the weather became mild and sunny but somehow, I never got round to it- too many distractions . Got my head in the sand at the moment, convincing myself the cruise will go ahead but with an altered itinery.Positive waves, as they say.
  4. Just wondering, does anyone have any info about what is offered at the spa -and how much it costs ? It's not really my 'thing' but, well...you never know.I do know that if this cruise goes ahead ( got everything crossed ) I will be in need of a haircut, otherwise my fringe will give me the look of a Shetland pony ! I've read the cmv information but there is precious little information. Thanks for reading .Think I'll invest in a hairdresser scissors to sort out my Lockdown fringe and bring it with me. I was stopped ar security embarking Magellen , but when I showed them my house
  5. I did a HOHO bus in Madrid, in Amsterdam and Vienna and think highly of them, with such short days at ports, it will suit me just fine,I think. But no, I won t book in advance, anything could happen. Thanks for such a helpful, comprehensive response, I lok forward to meeting you . Sian
  6. Hi, Beltonian, you seem to beexperienced.I plan to use the Hop on Hop off in every port it's available, being a first timer on a WC. Good enough, you think ?
  7. I have booked ,220 days to go.I can t wait.This is a massive adventure for me.
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