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  1. Thanks for that info....guess I have a "few" months to go. 🙂
  2. Thanks....I'm eager to book a British Isle cruise. 🙂
  3. Anyone have info on when NCL will post 2021 cruises?
  4. Talk to your room steward on how to lock the door of the master bedroom.
  5. Can your pcc give you an obc on a price reduction after final payment? Or I need to call NCL?
  6. lol Great info...but I wanted to book five adults for one particular excursion. Can't do that online so I will need to call and book. Thanks! 🙂
  7. Thanks so much....guess I should have searched on the NCL site a bit more.
  8. Just a quick question...Is the NCL excursion phone number a 24 hour line?
  9. Yes, that is what I wanted to know. Thanks for your help.
  10. Is this true? " NCL Uses Flithy's Mini-Pickle Stuffed Olives for Bloddy Mary's and Martini's"
  11. Thanks everyone...these are great ideas! We will be going on the Bliss October 13th, Mexican Riviera cruise. We have SO much organized for the first day. Hopefully the lady who volunteered for our pub crawl will do this on the second sea day. I will be posting a link to this post on the "other" social media page. 🙂
  12. Wow, this is exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks so much! Do you remember how many bars you stopped at and how long was the stop for each bar? I will pass your info onto the lady organizing our pub crawl. 🙂
  13. Is there a certain way a pub crawl is set up? Do we have to co-ordinate this with NCL?
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