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  1. On the Divina this summer there were 2 muster drills. The fiasco of the first days and another more subtle muster drill the following day for those that 'missed' day one's. Never saw that before.
  2. Dear Fly, Alas, but her and 'our' dream lives on.
  3. Dear Love, Yes, your way works much better. Thank you.
  4. Dear Earthling, The idea is as fresh today, as any dream can be.
  5. https-::abcnews.go.com:Travel:86-year-woman-living-aboard-luxury-cruise-ship:story?id=28351886.webloc Are there any Pinnacles like this lady?
  6. Dear Thor, I have discovered that base prices from different sources are about the same (within $100). It is just the added perks that make the difference, On Board Credit or specialty dining thrown in. An educated consumer can be a happier camper. I have been able to find some gems among these boards, but you have to weed out the usual characters. This post of yours was great. I found 19 on this thread that were of no help to you or me.
  7. Dear Thor, Try calling a online discounter to get a price and compare it to your TA's price.
  8. Dear Thor, BS means BE SMART ! Many on these boards are unsympathetic when it comes to attacks on their beloved RCCL. Why ? I have no idea. You have a legitimate gripe. Godspeed!
  9. Dear Rhino, Do not believe Explorer has the suite amenities , let alone the deck space to provide a Key program. Your senior advisor may be right. Try MM post #9 suggestions, she is occasionally right.
  10. There is only one, 100% way the ship will always wait for your return from an excursion of any sort. Take the captain with you.
  11. Dear Babe, Is The $750 OBC from your TA or a combo from TA and cruise line?
  12. Dear 1, Your post is not the point of our post/thread. The point is that NSPP take up space originally designed for suite paying guests. We are sure that they are all sweet and nice like you.
  13. Dear John, We were on the Allure last summer 2017 and had a wonderful time in CK. This summer on the Allure something was amiss in the CK, overcrowded, overworked, soiled uniforms. We decided to not return to the Allure and instead booked the Symphony. Departure morning all suite guests assembled in the SL and a lovely couple who had been on the Allure for one month was saying their goodbyes to the staff, when the CK chef came out of his galley to voice his goodbye to them. The Chef said "See you soon" and she said to the chef , "Yes, but not on this ship!" What was it? We thought nothing of it until recently reading these boards about Pinnacles. They are the bane of the suite booking passengers. We do not wish to gamble with our vacation time, hoping there will not be many NSPP on board the cruise we pick. Thank you for your consideration.
  14. Dear All, Thank you for your feed-back on NSPP and cruise dates and alternatives. It appears that we are sort of stuck with a non-refundable deposit of $700, which you all so ' nicely' educated us in our other thread "BEWARE RCCL". Had it been a refundable deposit we would be on the phone today cancelling this cruise on Symphony due to the problems you have elucidated in this thread. Why take a chance with RCCL/RCI , when other just as nice options exists.
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