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  1. Scenic does provide a transfer from Basel to Zurich. In fact the cruise is described as Amsterdam to Zurich.
  2. I second the excellent information comment. It is a rabbit hole though- I spent the better part of a day enjoying the post.
  3. Vistaman mentioned the QE2. That is a great option for everyone, including and especially same sex couples. They are very welcoming and even have specific events and cocktail parties for rainbow friends. It is a bit more formal, but I personally like that.
  4. Suites on diamond deck has some additional perks such as dinner at the Table le Rive for a sumptuous degustation experience. I think there is early embarkation and other perks, but I don't remember what they are.
  5. We have only sailed a river cruise with Crystal, so I cannot compare it to another line. We were booked on Scenic last summer, but they cancelled due to covid. It was very difficult to get a refund from them. We did Crystals ocean cruises and found they were a very different product. The river cruise excelled. One comment that no one has mentioned is the bathrooms. This may sound funny, but they have "smart" toilets in the cabins. You enter the bathroom, the toilet lid goes up (even if you are just brushing your teeth). The bowl is lit with colors and the seat is heated. It
  6. There is a company called lets roam which does city wide scavenger hunts if this is something your family enjoys.
  7. Good news. Please keep sharing. We have plans to disembark in Buenos Aires next March 2022, God willing.
  8. I have flexible flights booked with flight ease for this cruise and I just went in and I am able to view/change them right now. I am happy with the flight times and prices. Much better than I could find on my own or by using mileage/points.
  9. Private guides, hmm. Lets see if that is possible next spring when we go. Private tours are our preference also, but it may not be an option going forward. Especially in South America, which is a hot mess right now.
  10. Kayaking on the Quest in Antarctica has a cost, as does the tours in South America.
  11. One post seems to contradict the other??
  12. We went to Egypt right after the Arab Spring uprising. There were very few tourists. The tour guides, hotels and restaurants were vying over the few tourists. We had a marvelous time and it was very inexpensive. The only issue we had was when a verdict concerning Mubarak announced when we were in Alexandra. The guides kept us away from any riots or protestors. Petra is amazing. It would be nice to enjoy it with a limited amount of tourists.
  13. Ultrarunner, which cruise are you on? We are on the February 24, 2022 voyage.
  14. We are scheduled to do the Antarctica trip in February 2022, from Santiago to Buenos Aires. I am really hoping it is a go, even if they have to change the disembarkation location. But the news for South America is bleak at best. Sigh.
  15. My Antarctica cruise ends in Brazil. I am hoping it still may go (February 2022). I am so looking forward to it, but I can see how it is still very tentative.
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