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  1. I am giving info based on pre covid cruises. Cruises aren't at full capacity yet. You need the card to open the doorway to the suite deck opposite that bar area. When at full capacity they may go back to roping off that area in front of the bar with the padded seats. If it remains open to everyone ...enjoy! Except for the lack of shade (I wore a hat) it makes for a comfortable spot.
  2. There was so little info out on the January Caribbean cruises out of Cape Liberty (11 night) the 90 day payment date was changed to 30 days. I found the info on these boards and called my TA. She spent an hour on hold and finally got her rep to acknowledge that RC was notifying their customers by email that the final payment was changed to 30 days out, but they hadn't gotten around to everyone yet. Thank goodness for the info I get here. I almost cancelled having so little info on this booked cruise with FCC s moved twice. Now I have until December to see if an 11 night is still a go. As of now you can only get off with a cruise booked tour. At least I have a little more time to weigh my options.
  3. There is an area in front of the bar overlooking the pool. It usually is roped off. For a fee you can rent those chairs and be served a lunch and a bottle of wine ( champagne). The server will then bring you whatever else you order. If no one is around you can ask the bartender to get the server. There used to be a sign by the roped off entrance. My husband and I did it once on a Sunday for front row seats to the televised football game on the screen. There is no shade, but the seats are yours all day. I have never seen it offered precruise. Maybe this is what you have heard about.
  4. I have a Star Class cruise booked for January 2022 on Anthem. It was rebooked from 2021. I have sailed Star Class before on Anthem but wondering if anyone has sailed with a Genie during covid. My final payment is due the beginning of October. It will be an awful lot of FCC if things don't go right. My husband is disabled and we are an older couple. Our last Star Class cruise was on Anthem January 2020 right before covid. Our Genie made it wonderful. Thanks for any feedback.
  5. Will star class need to choose a check in time or is this arranged with the Genie?
  6. I have a vaccination card, a passport, an old flip phone, a husband who is blind, we are 74 and booked on the Anthem in Star class with a genie. This cruise (after 3 being cancelled) will put us in Diamond class. We have been married 50 years and have been well taken care of on every enjoyable cruise. How complicated can it now be to get on a cruise ship and enjoy a cruise without all this technology??? You "KIDS" have me worried! PS We also have had a wonderful travel agent for our entire marriage.
  7. JABTPS.......I was on the Anthem at the time that doc was filming. It was the very beginning (February 2020). When I watched it I had no idea what was going on in the rest of the world. Our cruise left out of Bayonne and was suppose to go on a 9 day cruise to the Bahamas. When we arrived we were told we couldn't board because several Chinese passengers had gotten sick and needed to be "tested". It was my 50th anniversary cruise booked in a star class suite. Star class for the very first time!. My Genie kept in touch by cell phone. She called 2 days later with news that the passengers tested negative. The captain and Royal kept everyone informed. Because of the delay, the captain got permission to sail to Bermuda. What started out like a nightmare turned into the most amazing trip ever. Bermuda was our honeymoon island. We had 2 days of 73 degree sunny weather. Royal then GAVE US OUR CRUISE FARE BACK, half directly to the credit card and half in an FCC. I have moved the FCC from this year to next. In my humble opinion, don't give up on cruising or even Royal Caribbean.
  8. Out Genie was Romina. It was our first Star Class. I remember when we set sail. The captain came so close to the Statue of Liberty I felt like you could reach out and touch it. Yes, the ship sailed well under capacity. My friends and I felt like we had the whole suite level on the deck to ourselves. Genies are amazing!! Thanks for the response.
  9. Feb.7-15 2020. This was to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We went Star Class on Anthem as a special way to celebrate. However, after arriving at the terminal with another couple sailing with us we were sent home. My "Genie" called me to let me know that several Chinese passengers had been taken for "testing" for a contagious viris. She kept in touch to let us know if and when we could board. After 48 hours she said we could come to board. We were suppose to go to Nassau and Coco Day (where we had booked an over water cabana). Due to the 2 day delay the captain changed the itinerary. We were sailing to BERMUDA. What started out as a disappointment turned into the most wonderful cruise I have ever taken. You see, Bermuda was our honeymoon island. We spent 2 full days in 70 degree perfect weather. To compensate, Royal Caribbean gave us our money back - half directly back to our credit card and half future cruise credit. Little did we (or they) know what the future would bring. Many people were not as lucky as we were. Those who flew into New Jersey were given some payment for a hotel while waiting. Some just went home. I watched the HBO show, The Last Cruise. This was actually happening while we were in Bermuda. This cruise to celebrate our 50th anniversary will forever be in our memory. Oh yes, the FCC was applied to a January 2022 Star Class cruise to help us get over 2020-2021. Hope it sails! Stay healthy.
  10. I agree with taking the Sky Suite as a solo. You get all the same perks, including the butler, just less room. I also like being able to look out on the balcony from my bed. The Sky Suite has a full bath as well.
  11. Does anyone have a definite answer yet from Royal or Celebrity as to whether a covid vaccine is needed? I live in NJ close to Cape Liberty. I can't get an appointment to even get a vaccine and I am an "older" adult. New Jersey hasn't yet opened the appointments to the general public yet (oh, smokers and prisoners come first). Kids haven't even been tested yet. If the cruise lines make this a requirement (which I am TRYING to be prepared for) there are going to be many people from this area not able to cruise.
  12. I miss the wonderful pampering which comes with the beautiful views, peacefulness of the water, and ultimate delicious meals. My husband is blind. I am his caretaker. Cruising is our wonderful relaxation allowing us to spend good times together. This past January we celebrated our 50th anniversary for the first time in Star Class on Anthem. It was actually delayed because of the beginning of this nightmare. Several Chinese passengers were tested and found negative for the virus. The captain got special permission to sail into Bermuda in January (2 70 degree days). It wasn't our planned cruise, but it was ironically where my husband and I spent our honeymoon. These are the beautiful memories I miss.......and I want to make more!!!
  13. Wanted to let you know I said "star class" and had the most amazing cruise vacation of my life!!!!!
  14. I am with you,Snit 13. Make the final payment. If the cruise is cancelled get it ALL back.
  15. I here the concern in your post and can identify with your need to share. My thoughts align with some of what PhillyFan and sun_login have posted. Unless a passenger is a danger to himself or to others Royal is not responsible for controlling this behavior. I have seen "spring break" binges by young adults who feel this is a way of letting off steam. Only he and his friends and family know if this happens often. No amount of "talking to" or attempts at control on your part will really make a difference. It is all up to him to change the behavior. I realize that it makes other family members uncomfortable and embarrassed. The goal is to work on you including the choice not to cruise with your stepson. Explain that you love him and are concerned over his behavior in the hopes he may get help. Now as most reading this post probably realize, yes, I have spent many years in Alanon (the help for the family members not AA the one for the problem drinker). Please don't feel I am preaching or have all the answers. What you, nadinenurse1, posted was a reach out to anyone with advice. Take what you want and leave the rest. God bless and happy cruising!
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