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  1. I hope the Ruby drydock will be ready to go after the Oct. drydock, I'm scheduled for an Oct. 24 California Coastal cruise on the Ruby. Keeping my fingers crossed it will happen. We've done most cruises out of San Francisco on the Grand, this will be our first time on the Ruby.
  2. We watched it last night, it really brought home how hard the crew had it, can't fathom how hard it must have been, exhausting really. Delivering three meals a day to passengers cabins was just the tip of the iceberg; the extra laundry, sanitizing every surface on the ship, meal prep and cleanup, was a constant chore. Did not put some of the "entitled" passengers in a very good light. Plus the worry about getting home to their loved ones, it was so sad and upsetting. Really gave a new appreciation for the hardworking crew.
  3. First, the military discount, second, when you reach elite status and don't drink alcohol, you have the option to trade the complimentary mini bar for two coffee packages.
  4. I just saw on another forum that the Grand, Royal, Emerald and Ruby are in the harbor at La Paz. No other information was given, does anyone have any updates or information? Sounds promising!
  5. Regarding cheaters at trivia; I would like to see the trivia questions switched every cruise. It's kind of discouraging to see people on back to back cruises using their notes to get all the correct answers.
  6. I would like to see the dining room open for lunch on shore days.
  7. I find this comment to be offensive and don't think it belongs in this forum.
  8. Sleeping in a comfy bed that someone else makes. Eating delicious food that I didn't have to cook. Searching out quiet spots to sit and read a good book. Walking for exercise on level floors [as an older adult this is important to me]. Playing trivia. Watching live shows in the Princess Theater. Frozen drinks at the International Cafe [Banoffee Blast and Black Forest Freeze]. Enjoying the fabulous crew, miss their smiling faces.
  9. Our check arrived today for Feb. 11 - Feb. 21 Grand Princess cruise.
  10. Celebrating a milestone birthday on the Grand Princess was my best moment. Feb. 11th was my 80th birthday, myself, my husband, daughter and her husband, sister and brother-in-law, 6 friends, all did the Feb. 11 - Feb. 21 Mexico cruise on the Grand. We had a late embarkation due to a medical emergency with a passenger on the previous cruise [not corona virus related]. The Princess staff handled our boarding at 8 p.m. very professionally, we were on the ship and in the Botticelli dining room for dinner at 8:30. The dining room staff was great, as was the food, guests were seated as they arri
  11. There was a balloon drop on the Grand Princess Sept 3, 2019 r/t San Francisco to Alaska cruise. Last sea day of the 10 day cruise, in the Piazza, waiters served trays of Champagne on decks 5 and 6.
  12. Thanks, JF, good information. So far, a cell phone is one less thing for me to lose!
  13. My biggest pet peeve; I wish Princess would not allow guests to sit or stand on the outside aisle steps when the seats are filled during a show. I feel this is a safety issue in an emergency situation, or in my case if I wanted to leave during a show, I would not be able to climb the stairs past the guests blocking the stairs as I have limited mobility. Also worst case scenario, could be a definite fire hazard. I'm another guest who needs the barrel chair, it's the only way I can reach down to put on and tie my shoes [I'm short!] On my last cruise, Sept. 3 Alaska, my husband requested
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