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  1. Us too. Walk to Little Italy for dinner, walk to drug store or grocery store if need be, walk to the pier in the morning. We paid a little more to be in the tower - great view.
  2. Not sure if your plans are set in stone, but having sailed both ships, I thought I'd weigh in. Ovation to Alaska was our most recent (and probably last ever) cruise. Everything about it was fantastic, from the ship itself, food, service, ports, experience, weather, etc. I realize some of those are variable, but we had a blast and did NOT think Ovation was too large for Alaska. On the contrary, we enjoyed having something to do on sea days. The ship is glorious and we would sail on her again in a heartbeat. Emerald Princess - well, we spent nine days aboard her some years ago and ca
  3. NOT an improvement, in my opinion. I liked the option to expand the sig if desired but I definitely do not want to hide all signatures. I may have to, though. So many, including mine, are long and the way it used to be was better, at least.
  4. I think you probably mean well with your comment, but those of us who are in the high risk category WANT to live life as we used to, but cannot. I sincerely hope you never get cancer because this pandemic has absolutely stolen the limited amount of time I have left. I wish I could go on a cruise - I wish I could go anywhere - but sadly, I do have to stay home. I would politely ask that you show a little grace for those of us who cannot choose.
  5. Even with your disclaimer, what you are suggesting is not possible at this time. Maybe some day - - but at the moment the border is closed to non-essential travel and people have been turned around when they tried to enter Canada. IF one was permitted to cross with the intention of driving to Alaska, they are issued an "in-transit" pass and must go directly to Alaska, no sight seeing, no dilly-dallying. Many tourists were fined this past summer for sight-seeing on their way to Alaska. I realize you said this is the "best way" and in a perfect world it would be an exceptional driv
  6. All the best to you! Glad to hear it wasn't as horrible for you as some people have it. God bless. 🙏
  7. Well, we love your city. 😊 So disappointed that our Coastal cruise from San Diego was cancelled this past spring due to Covid. We always take a couple of days pre-cruise in embarkation city, and my poor husband was devastated when we couldn't get down there this year. 😔
  8. So many interesting replies in this thread; agree with some, SHM on others (and that's OK!). 😂 We have travelled quite a bit and have seen some amazing places. I guess for me, one of the most underwhelming places was Grand Canyon. It just wasn't fabulous, for me. It was a nice time of year, it wasn't overly crowded, the weather was lovely... it just didn't thrill me. Same trip - what DID thrill me was Bryce Canyon!!! AMAZING and so much prettier and more scenic than Grand Canyon. Glorious.💕
  9. I've mentioned this before but actual priority boarding (not check-in) can vary at embarkation ports. We were CC in San Diego and had to take a number and wait a long time to board.
  10. Thank you. I am deep into chemo once again but looking forward to the spread that my loving husband has prepared for us. We are having dinner here with our grown kids, masked and distanced. Hope I'm hungry.😊 But it's really all about the pie anyway.🥧
  11. Still would not feel comfortable cruising in January, to anywhere. The cases and deaths are still going up. My opinion is it's just not safe now and probably anytime in the next 6 - 9 months.
  12. Well, you know I had to look it up.... 😉 https://www.carnival.com/shore-excursions/victoria/sights-and-flavors-of-victoria-230043 Trust me and others, I'm actually glad you won't be going as this can all be done for less money and you'd probably get more enjoyment out of it doing things on your own. Four hours is not a lot of time so you'll have to plan. Additionally, you may not be able to get off the ship right at 8, but I hope it will be as close as possible. Others have and others will reply to you, but I think your best mileage might be to use the searc
  13. Some people are scared, nervous, anxious - we don't know what we don't know. I choose to extend grace in these difficult times. Everyone has an opinion and it may differ from yours. That's OK. What is right for you is not right for me, for several reasons. It's still OK.
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