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  1. Because sometimes you can buy an entire case of soda for what one costs on a cruise ship.
  2. LOL. I think many threads on every board are meandering and off-topic. The mods don't usually move, close, or delete any of it. We seem to be allowed this leeway right now. 😉🤣
  3. I want to be optimistic, but I just can't be at this point. Our provincial health officer predicts a second wave in fall, and it could be devastating. I expect there will be second waves of this virus all over North America. I would not feel comfortable cruising this year at all. The reason they are going month to month is to collect final payments and then cancel the cruises, hoping customers will take FCC instead of refunds.
  4. We also did a NE/Can cruise on RCI Explorer, in autumn as well. Gorgeous, memorable trip. 🍁🍂
  5. And if you think they will resume on August 1, I have a nice bridge to sell you.... 😏
  6. I understand the frustration, but the article on the announcement was not meant to include cruise ships - simply that the Canada-US border will be closed to non-essential travel for one more month. This was announced this morning by the leader of our country. You don't have to be rude; no one is complaining. I simply asked for your source, is all. You have internet, and probably all of the newspapers in the world are online as well. Posting a link from a news website is very easy, actually: Open the article or piece you want to quote in another browser window. Go up to the top to find the URL or "link" (it usually contains www. or .com). Put your cursor (the little arrow) over that link and click on it - it may turn blue. Right-click and look for the word "Copy"; click on the word "copy" and then move back to where you were typing before - where you want to put that link, like on this page in a message. Right click and you will see the option "Paste". Click on that and the URL or link will appear. People reading your post will then be able to click directly on it and be taken straight to that "page". It's one of the ways we share information online and provide verifiable sources instead of just taking someone's word for it. 😊
  7. TODAY (May 19), the announcement was made that the Canada-US border would remain closed for one more month. It was not announced several days ago as OP suggested. I am concerned about his/her comments about various things and that OP has not come back to verify/clarify them. This is how rumors and false information spreads - please be diligent when posting on these message boards. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/border-canada-us-closed-1.5575214
  8. Sorry, that's not correct - many lines have paper towels and some offer cloth hand towels. I use a paper towel to open the door.
  9. Could you please provide the links to these statements? Thank you.
  10. ^ We love our American neighbors, just like you love us. 😊 But I think it may be another few months at least before our Prime Minister opens the (international, therefore federal) border between our two countries. Here is an article from CBC, a trusted source, concerning cruise ships in BC this summer - https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-health-officials-say-cruise-ships-not-welcome-this-summer-1.5567086
  11. No. S/he posted yesterday but it appears the name of the online travel agency was mentioned again (as well as in original first post, which was edited out) and therefore the entire post was deleted.
  12. I think because OP knows s/he is wrong and is not getting the support here s/he was hoping for.
  13. It actually doesn't look positive for ships to dock anywhere in BC this year. September is a ways off - still waiting for RCI to cancel our August Ovation cruise. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/b-c-health-officials-say-cruise-ships-not-welcome-this-summer-1.5567086
  14. Our Pacific Coastal cruise on Eclipse in March was cancelled, with many of these same ports. The situation is much worse now. There is just no way this would ever happen at this time.
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