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  1. Stayed there in April (in the tower which faces the ocean - expensive but spectacular!), and will stay there again. There are several restaurants on the property, and a wonderful Starbucks in the lobby for your morning java and a muffin if that's all you want. Breakfast is available at Claim Jumpers and at the Deli onsite. Here is the website: https://www.wyndhamsandiegobay.com/dining
  2. OP, thank you for the review. We were on Eclipse earlier this year in April for the repo from San Diego to Vancouver, loved it. Your wife seemed to have a bit of trouble this trip - wondering if she is all right now? Just curious, and I care. 🙂
  3. Hi buddy. 😊 I was surprised and delighted to see that Ovation has been porting in Victoria for most of the day, either noon - 10 pm, or 8 am - 6 pm. I said to hubby that I was glad folks would get to spend some quality time at the Gardens. We did our usual yummy lunch at Red Fish Blue Fish, Rogers Chocolates for Victoria Creams, and walked the breakwater, which now has guard rails, thank you very much! It was completely wide open when I was but a youth. 🤣 Good thing I or none of my friends ever fell off.
  4. ^ Understood. We could not get into Endicott Arm or Dawes Glacier - completely socked in with fog. Captain waited for several hours but then decided to turn around, which we understood but was still disappointing. There is never any guarantee about any of the ports or itineraries in Alaska... you probably know this from your research. The ports are crowded, no question. It depends on the date, the number of ships in that day, and their times. You can use this website to look up your prospective ships and dates: http://www.cruisecal.com/portal/ItineraryLookup/tabid/2918/Default.aspx Pools were not crowded, hot tubs were always busy. Victoria is phenomenal - as well, please don't count it out too soon. 😉
  5. Please don't try and talk yourself out of this option. We just returned from Ovation to Alaska out of Seattle, and it was wonderful. We drove to Seattle, parked for the week at https://www.seattlecruiseparking.com/ (free shuttle to and from ship), loved the ship - loads to do. Your son will be in heaven on this ship. Since there are several sea days, you definitely want to have things to do, and Ovation does not disappoint - Flow Rider, bumper cars, roller skating, i-Fly, North Star, and tons of kids' activities are all included in the price of the cruise. The entire check-in procedure was a dream, and the staff, crew, food, and service were all amazing. We have been to Alaska three times now, and would definitely prefer to embark and disembark in Seattle. The Vancouver embarkation process can be a nightmare - yes, I speak from experience.
  6. Ryan, we recently came back from Ovation and admit that we took a sneaky peek at a virtual balcony cabin while the door was open and the steward was making up the bed. We politely asked and he invited us in for a moment... it does look real and even he said it was "so cool". He showed us the remote control to turn it on and off. 😊 Enjoy!
  7. Thanks for the replies - interesting to say the least. Yes, the smoking policy was posted in the Compass every day and there was absolutely no indoor smoking permitted (this was Ovation to Alaska, Aug.30 - Sept.6). I will be sure to mention in my survey that I loved this change and hope it stays this way. We'll see. 😊
  8. Not sure if it changes with itinerary, but just returned from Ovation to Alaska - no indoor smoking permitted anywhere in the ship, casino included. It was FANTASTIC. There were several outdoor smoking areas.
  9. SO TRUE! 👍 This has saved me time and time again. No offense intended as these cruise boards are a great resource, but in the time it takes to type out and post a question here, often you can have your answer with Google maps. My husband uses street view to get his bearings when we are going to a new city; it helps us find our hotel, stores, restaurants, etc. 😊
  10. Well Ritap, I have never sailed NCL but I love Celebrity and Royal. Eclipse is phenomenal and I too have never really felt crowded. Of course, you will notice the crowds on sea days, in the casino, in the theater, and at muster, but I hope you find your space and enjoy this beautiful ship. Eclipse is not a small ship in the grand scheme of things. Let us know what you thought when you come back. 😊
  11. Hear hear!! Appreciation for this wonderful member and the courteous, wise, and accurate information given on these boards! 👌
  12. Oh also, we haven't asked what your plans for excursions are, as this will make a difference. Are you going dog sledding or on a glacier helicopter ride? Anything more adventurous than a mild walk/hike will definitely require a footwear purchase (or borrow).
  13. Excellent idea. Looks like you'll be the only ship in port that day but you should have no problem sharing a cab to and from the Gardens. You could check on your roll call. 😊
  14. I'm so excited for you to visit Alaska! You will love it. 😍 Having said that, some of us feel the same way you do but in reverse - many of us have agonized over what to wear in Florida or for a Caribbean cruise. Funny story - one year we were cruising out of Fort Lauderdale and I desperately needed a new cover-up... do you think I could find one? We drove our rental car for hours! It seemed so elusive! 😭 As mentioned, layers will be your friend. May is the first month that ships go to Alaska and it will most likely still be cool there (we have cruised there once in May and once in August). The weather is sometimes unpredictable, so count on cloud/rain but hope for sun. ☀️ I would recommend a light windbreaker as an outer layer, and a toque (wool cap) of some sort. The hat will just keep you snuggly and stave off the wind that you will encounter as you look for wildlife on deck!🐻🦅🐳 So yes, maybe a thrift store or Amazon for that. Take your binoculars! Have fun.
  15. LOVE the first picture Anita! Gorgeous. 😍
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