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  1. Hi there - also discussed on the Canada board with lots of good info over there for Victoria port visits.
  2. As well, if you order a cappuccino or similar and have it there, they serve it with a little biscotti cookie on the side. It's a nice touch. πŸͺβ˜•
  3. Good, glad to hear it. Have a great time! I hope you are planning to see Chihuly Garden and Glass - it is phenomenal (and next to the Space Needle, where most tourists also plan a visit). https://www.chihulygardenandglass.com/
  4. I knew I had just read this, so I searched and found this for you:
  5. They are served to you with a cocktail napkin - we have seen chicken pieces on skewers, small quiche bites, egg roll/fried canape sort of thing, etc. For us, we prefer the no-indoor smoking policy (the smoke-free casinos on X are great!). Our last two cruises have been on Celebrity and we have definitely enjoyed that aspect of it, as well as the reciprocity benefits discussed in this thread. 😊
  6. For next month? No offense, but I'm surprised you haven't booked something yet. My advice is to try and book a hotel as soon as possible. 😊 We like The Mediterranean Inn - close to the pier, has a nice rooftop deck, easy to get around by walking or Uber. https://www.mediterranean-inn.com/en-us
  7. Just so you know, the cruise line's transfer is always more expensive. Fort Lauderdale airport (FLL) and Port Everglades (the pier) are very close in distance, and a cab for up to 4 people should be no more than about $15.00 on the meter (it is not a flat rate so don't let a driver tell you it is). Uber would be even less expensive, if you are so inclined to use it.
  8. From experience, there are literally dozens of taxis waiting at the pier when you disembark. However, the line is long, even with a dispatcher there to help. Having said that, you really don't know the exact time you will be out of there, with customs and other people disembarking as well. What is the date? You can check Port of Seattle's website to see how many ships are in; that could definitely affect your time frame. As well, I would book an Uber, which will cost less than a taxi.
  9. Lobster is available in the MDR usually on the second formal or elegant night, on cruises of 7 nights or longer (may be dependent on itinerary) on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean.
  10. Re the ship, Radiance, how did you find the smoke issue? Was it a problem? Radiance class is my favorite but the smoky casino with the smoke drifting out into the Centrum seems to be a deal-breaker for us, as of late....
  11. Phewww! So happy for you. Now you can enjoy your trip with less worry. Have a great time! 😊
  12. ^ +1. Exactly. My friend has laid it out perfectly here - gotta say, I was nervous just reading the reply! 😞 That's how close OP is cutting it, in my opinion.
  13. My question is: is it really too late to change? Have you looked into it? Others will come along and give you a timeline of what to expect, but I wanted to ask anyway.
  14. That is when we would arrive, too. πŸ™‚ Have so much fun. πŸ›³οΈ
  15. It would be too stressful for us as well. Remember that many thousands of your newest bestest friends are also on their way to FLL so if you are going to attempt it, I would also suggest self-disembarkation or at least be in the first few groups off.
  16. Hi Joe! Thanks for all you do.
  17. As well, you will pre-clear US Customs and Immigration in Vancouver before you sail; you will be considered to be in US waters after that security clearance. This is so you don't have to clear Customs at your first US port on your Alaskan cruise so for that reason it's great, but does make for long lines on a 3-ship day (speaking from experience). It's up to you when to arrive; are you staying at a hotel close to the pier? Traffic is very bad on crowded pier days. You can arrive anytime after, say, 10 am and the porters will take your luggage but as stated, it will be incredibly busy just so you know.
  18. ^ Replying to myself, found out it used to be called the Towne Cinema when we lived in Victoria. Gosh that was bugging me! LOL 🀣🀣🀣
  19. Completely agree with you on all points. Trust me, just as many people complain about Royal, and every other cruise line. We have also cruised both lines and love each for their various amenities and differences. The no indoor smoking policy on Celebrity is fabulous. We love both lines. Please rest your mind and know that you've made a great choice. 😊
  20. I couldn't figure that out at first but then I realized it's the old Nootka Court Mall; what did it used to be called? Used to work at what was Budget Rent a Car where Browns Social House now sits. So much has changed. 😊 OP, enjoy your time in beautiful Victoria doing whatever makes you happy. I do suggest you take a side trip to Rogers Chocolates on Government Street - delicious Victoria Creams.
  21. I admit I said "Wow" out loud here. I mean it's not a deal breaker by any means, but it just surprised me about a main dining room on any line, I guess... OP, I wish you a wonderful cruise. We never got to Tortola, sadly. I hope you have a great time. 😊
  22. The two times we have ported in SF at Pier 27, there was a shuttle bus available (I think once was pay, once was free). As well, Uber or taxi would be reasonable. Enjoy yourselves. 😊
  23. It is an easy, flat walk if you are so inclined. There may be a shuttle bus available but we walked there faster. 😊 The Aquarium is at Pier 39, even closer than Fisherman's Wharf (see the link in post 2 and zoom in).
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