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  1. My October cruise shows up but is just says must be completed prior to boarding with no exact date. If you have children and are trying for the exemption you will not be able to fill it out until you get the exemption or not. My December cruise does not have the vaccination survey but I assume that is because they have not announced the protocols for Dec & Nov yet.
  2. I am doing the same for my October cruise.
  3. Unfortunately, many of these are auto-generated and if you cruise has not been officially canceled yet you will get the scheduled emails until the cruise is cancelled and then even after it is cancelled you still may receive the emails.
  4. I sailed the Glory a couple years ago and it is a good ship. 1. If you are used to NCL cruise ships the decor is more garish but not as bad as many ships I have been on. I did find the upkeep on the Glory no where near NCL ships of the same age or older. I sailed on the NCL Spirt (this ship is older than the Glory) right before it went to dry dock for its major refurbish and it was night and day to the Glory. The Spirits upkeep was so much better. On the Glory seats in the buffet are no longer their original color and have many stains (but this may have been updated since I have been o
  5. Nassau. The other two ports do not show any bubble tours at least not yet.
  6. Yes, it says bubble in the title:
  7. She understands why she would be left and she is pretty spoiled with travel and cruising. We usually go on two to three cruises a year and the one she is looking forward to is May 2022, we are going on a 9 day Alaskan cruise. So I hope by then Alaska is all sorted and vaccine will not be required but once again it is a waiting game.
  8. That is my concern as well, but I will wait and see. There are two bubble excursion for Nassau right now and none for the other ports, at least not yet. My daughter is 14 and will not be vaccinated (she is home schooled and very low risk) and if 95% vaccinated is required or you are required to go on the bubble excursions I will probably just leave her home and have her as a no-show since I am vaccinated. This was a free cruise through the casino so it is not like it is costing me not to take her.
  9. I have October and December cruises and I am guessing that at least the October Cruise will be 95% vaccinated or a very high percentage vaccinated. I was just looking at excursions this morning and bubble excursions are now showing up in one ports.
  10. My original cruise was in May so I rebooked it for September once it was cancelled. The cruise was half the price. When they gave me the future cruise credit it was for what my penalty would have been at the time of cancellation. So that covered the cruise and then I had about $36 left over from that amount that they rolled into the OBC. They then refunded me the rest, which I got in less than 30 days. My September cruise has been cancelled and I just took a refund this time since I am not really sure when things will get back to normal and all of the cruises I am looking at are more expe
  11. That is what they did when I rebooked my cruise at a lower rate after it was cancelled. I also got my refund in less than 30 days. I did book through the Casino so I am not sure if that makes a difference.
  12. No, they do not add them together. Here is the fine print from the letter: New OBC offer replaces any previous OBC offer and applies to new booking if made by 5/31/2021.
  13. You will lose your original OBC. This happened to me, I originally had a $500 OBC through casino offer and once my cruise was cancelled and I rebooked I only got the $600 OBC (7 day cruise).
  14. I know. I booked the same cruise and got over half it back from my original booking. Looking at the same cruise next year it will cost more no matter when I sail so I am debating on just taking the refund and waiting for another casino offer.
  15. I was also booked through the casino and I am not sure it that makes a difference as well. I was surprised that the refund of the cruise, excursion, and FTF came through at the same time since most people are reporting this is not what they have experienced.
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