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  1. I had FFTF and book three weeks before a Spring break cruise last year (sold out by time sailing) and there was a wait list for all dinning times. I chose Your Time Dining waitlist and got an email two days before sailing saying that my dining will be assigned when I board. Well when I was onboard and picked up my S&S card I was assigned YTD.
  2. I use Machu Picchu parking since I am very particular about my door not being dinged and Angel is great.
  3. I did while on the Bliss in AK but It will probably vary based on ship and where you are.
  4. Did you try calling carnival and asking if certain rooms are open? This is probably the easiest and fastest way to find out.
  5. I sailed on the Glory earlier this year and it was my first time on Carnival. I have been on HAL, RCL, and NCL and we had a great cruise but I went in with expectations of a more budget experience. The Glory is not as well maintained as other cruise lines (comparing ships of similar age). I think if you go in with the correct expectations you will have a great time.
  6. Some cruise lines give you free access to major airline websites while on board in the Internet Cafe but Carnival is not one of them. You would have to purchase at least the lowest internet package and then use the Internet Cafe since you do not have a smart phone.
  7. I sailed out of Southampton in May and did not tip. We had two bags both less than 30lbs. They did not walk out to us, they just stuck the bags onto the carousel and just picked up the next bags from the next group, they did not stop. No one else that I could see was tipping them either, nor did I feel they were expecting a tip. The only time I felt pressured to tip (something would happen to my bag) was in NOLA. I have not sailed out of NY yet but I will be next summer so I will see.
  8. As others have stated holiday and popular cruises only go up in price so you should book as soon as possible.
  9. The passport card is only valid for land and sea entries into and out of Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda, so it will not work if you have to fly from one of these countries. However, as others have stated the number of people that have to fly back is pretty low.
  10. I assume you are going to book with NCL. If you have the shorex credit call them and book as soon as they are posted. Some of the better excursion do sell out and if you have the shorex you do not pay until the end of your cruise so you have nothing to lose. You can also change your excursions up to 48 hours before (for most excursions). If you are going to outside vendors or paying up front with NCL I would also book as soon as you are sure that is what you want to do.
  11. In Seattle they are in a union. NCL sent us a notice stating this fact and there was some regulation against tagging your own luggage once at the port. I would agree NY is a huge union state so they probably are in a union, but it does vary form state to state.
  12. I also notice Carnival does not seem to maintain their ships as well as other cruise lines. I am not speaking of decor (I do not care if it is out of date as long as it is clean and kept up). I was on the Glory and yes it is an old ship but the buffet chairs were all stained (they are a Burgundy color and you could still see all the stains), this is an easy fix just change out the chairs or recover them with a better fabric. Not to mention the loose tiles, carpet, balcony door not sealing tightly, and etc. I also sailed on the NCL Spirit, about six months after the Glory, which is older than the Glory but you would not know it. It was much better maintained and it is undergoing another major refurb soon. The HOL Oosterdam, about the same age as the Glory but kept up better. This is one of the reason why I will only sail Carnival if it is a great deal.
  13. My last cruise was over spring break and I booked it three weeks before sailing. Needless to say all dinging times were waitlisted by the time I purchased my cruise. I chose YTD and lucked out and got FTTF. I did get an email about a week before sailing that stated I would be assigned a dinning time once on board. Once on board I was assigned YTD. FTTF gets priority after D & P, I did call and verify this, also since I booked so close to sailing and the cruise was almost sold out by this time (less than 10 rooms available) I was probably pretty far down the waitlist so without FTTF I do not think I would have gotten YTD.
  14. I actually accidentally printed my documents for my daughter and myself double sided last cruise out of NOLA. In Carnivals book this was no good. I usually sail NCL and they combine everyone in the cabin to one scan but Carnival does not (everyone needs a copy of their documents). They printed my daughters documents for me when I was checking in. They give you a receipt looking piece of paper that prints from the scanner. So I assume as long as they can scan the bar code they should be able to print you what you need to board.
  15. On my last cruise Ireland, Iceland and Norway I paid less by booking in advance than people did for the same excursions booking on board. I did end up changing an excursion so I picked up the price list while on board.
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