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  1. JPH814 One correction: our refund was credited to our account on June 17th. That changes the number of days to 63. Thanks again for all you are doing for us.
  2. Good News! Today the refund for our June 27th cruise and airfare appeared on our cc. Yes, JPH814, it arrived two days after our refund for two FCDs which were applied to this sailing. It was posted by Seabourn on June 12. Thanks for initiating and maintaining this spreadsheet. You are doing a great job in keeping us informed and connected!
  3. Thanks for your feedback, JPH814. Sounds like we’re on our way!
  4. Today we received a $1,000 refund to our cc. We are assuming that this amount represents the two FCD’s that were applied to this cruise. This is Day 60 since our request for a full refund for the 21 day cruise and airfare which were paid in full. Seabourn cancelled our June 27th cruise on April 14th. Has anyone else received their FCD separated from the total cost?
  5. JPH814, we are in the US. Naples, Florida and Cornwall, PA.
  6. Good News! Our Seabourn excursions have been refunded to our credit card. Request submitted on April 1st. Seabourn cancelled our June 27th cruise on April 14th. Total amount approximately $1,700. Still waiting for full cruise amount and business class air booked with Seabourn.
  7. June 27, 21 day cruise paid in full, including business air, on February 28th. cruise cancelled by Seabourn on April 14th. requested full refund on April 15th. no refund at this time. excursions were cancelled on April 1st. no refund at this time.
  8. Thanks for organizing this information,JPH814. Our timeline can be found on post #10.
  9. Thanks for the response, Zelker. After I asked the question, I reviewed all my saved emails from Seabourn. We did receive confirmations of all of the cancelled excursions and the amounts. However, no confirmation of the cruise and airfare. The six cancellations with zero balance for the TK was comical! 😊
  10. Zelker, I would appreciate knowing if the detailed refund amount was sent by your TA or directly from Seabourn. Our June 27th , 21 day Ovation sailing was paid in full on February 28th. Business air was Included in the total. We have not received acknowledgment from Seabourn that includes the amount of that full payment or that of the excursions.
  11. Cruise scheduled June 27th Cancelled excursions April 1st Seabourn cancelled cruise April 14th Selected Option Two refund April 15th Confirmation of cruise (including air) and excursions refund April 21st TA contacted Seabourn to request this written confirmation on April 21st . At that time was told that the refund could take 60 days. No refunds at this time
  12. I understood that you were referring to political discussion. No offense taken.
  13. My husband and I are in our early 70’s. My husband has an underlying medical condition. My comment addressed the political nature of the thread. In my opinion, we should leave politics out of this discussion. There are many alternate avenues for political discourse.
  14. Yes, it’s the Source, and as far as I know it’s accessed on board.
  15. That’s good to hear. Since we have previously spent a couple of days in Copenhagen, we would like to just make our own way instead of planning an excursion.
  16. We are on the three week June 27th sailing beginning in Stockholm. Does your cruise also include the Baltic? I previously posted a question asking if someone knew if there would be a shuttle ride into Copenhagen from the Koge port on the turnover day for those of us who are continuing to Norway. Anyone out there who has previously taken this itinerary?
  17. We are also doing this cruise on the Ovation. After evaluating the situation, we decided to do Seabourn’s excursion.
  18. We are booked on the June 27th Baltic and Scandinavian Gems Cruise. Does anyone who has sailed this itinerary remember if shuttle service was available in Helsinki and Koge?
  19. We sailed the Manaus to Miami 16 day segment several years ago on one of the Little Sisters. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We flew direct from Miami without incident. It was the first two weeks of March, during the dry season. We had no rain, and to our surprise, we never saw a bug. It is a very special experience, absolutely worth the travel to reach Manaus. My memory of the yellow fever shots and the visas is that both were quite expensive.
  20. My husband and I were on the Ovation for the Dublin to Lisbon segment, September 28 to October 12. One of the members of our roll call asked for others to meet in the Observation Bar on the second evening. Approximately twenty of us attended. Shortly after we gathered, Handre, our Cruise Director, approached us to chat and asked if we were all there together on the cruise. We told him that we were communicating with each other on the Cruise Critic Roll Call, and that we were meeting each other for the first time on board. He was delighted to welcome us, and immediately offered to enhance our trip by planning a get together for our group. The experience far exceeded our expectations! Several officers attended this special event held in the Retreat. The Chef prepared an appetizer feast and the music was lovely. To top it off, the Captain played the guitar for us. Handre is an exceptional cruise director. He is a jewel in Seabourn’s crown!
  21. Well said SLSD. I totally agree. Keep posting Markham, you are a refreshing voice on the Message Board!
  22. We have many fond memories of our first sailings on the Pride and the Spirit. Since there were only 208 passengers on those ships, it was quite a pleasant change from the larger cruise ships. Fortunately, Seabourn has managed to deliver the same personalized service on their newer ships.
  23. Skp946, Ours was on the Pride in 2012. Your picture captures the moment perfectly. Thanks for sharing.
  24. On the second day of our first cruise on one of the Little Sisters, my DH was personally presented (by his name) with a glass of champagne in the hot tub. When he looked surprised he was told “I remembered that you like champagne”. Another occurred on our second Little Sister Cruise. We were welcomed aboard in Lisbon with a number of the crew lined up at the gangway to greet us as we walked aboard. Nice touch. Also on both of our Little Sister cruises, every evening I was escorted to our table by one of the dinning staff or Maitre D’ . On the Encore in August, 2018, this occurred on formal nights in the MDR. I attributed the difference to the larger ship. All of the other personal attention touches were still evident. We’re looking forward to sailing on the Ovation in September/October this year.
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