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  1. Yea we will be calling for sure. Just wanted to get a feel for possibilities or if others had same issue. to the other Q: it was prob about a month I’d have to look at the emails. We really struggled with the choice. We really wanted to go, but it would have been irresponsible on a few levels for our family. now even if we do book for significantly in the future(Even if safe medically) I’m not sure that it will be a reality for us financially at that time. A lot has changed for the worse since this all happened.
  2. We had one we wanted, told TA to hold it. We didn’t pay the deposit.
  3. Exactly. We had a cruise on hold. We never paid the “deposit” which was to be the taxes that wouldn’t be covered on the FCC. they applied it before it was ours. I feel this is wrong!
  4. Being applied to another cruise Shouldn’t make the money disappear. we made a decision on FCC with very limited information in a short period of time. We made the best choice for our family to not cruise at this time. with all that was going on holding us to choices like this made in the midst of all this is repugnant.
  5. So here’s our situation: We were on a sailing this last April that was cancelled. we had initially chosen for the 125% FCC for 2021. After a lot of thought and reflection we decided we cannot Cruise in the near future. A lot goes into it besides getting sick (but with health issues this his a big deal too) With my work I cannot risk being quarantined on a ship if folks get sick etc. And our income has taken a drastic hit and may never recover so spending that much is really irresponsible. We loved RC and want to be able to do this again someday. Now the problem. We are be
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