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  1. TeachinNV

    Hair dryers

    Hi all... Thanks for all of the answers. I guess I'll be bringing my own travel dryer.
  2. TeachinNV

    Hair dryers

    Hi... My niece and I will be sailing on the Elation on 4/5. I was wondering if there are hair dryers in the cabins, or will I need to bring my own? Thanks!! Lori
  3. Hi... You could try the Copthorne Tara. I got a room for 85.85 (pounds) in June. Here's the website: http://www.millenniumhotels.com/ Hope this helps. Lori
  4. TeachinNV

    Hotel suggestions in Paris

    Hi... I stayed at this hotel last summer. It was perfect for my needs, and I really enjoyed my stay. It was just a short walk from the Louvre, and buses stopped nearby. http://www.paris-hotel-louvre.com/index.htm Hope this helps!!
  5. TeachinNV

    Westminster Abbey

    Hi... When I visited Westminster Abbey a couple of years ago, there were verger tours at various times during the day. I just walked up to the desk and paid my money. I only had to wait about 15 minutes before the tour started. It was well worth my money! Have fun!!
  6. TeachinNV

    Infinity observations

    Well, earplugs would have been nice due to the noisy room. I took capris, and didn't wear them. I wish I had taken a pair of casual sandals to wear around the ship, but didn't. I also wish I had brought my bathing suit so I could swim in the indoor pool or use the hot tubs. Also, a beanie and gloves would have been nice at the Hubbard Glacier. But, we had a great spot out of the cold wind down on deck 3. There weren't many people there, and we could really see the ice in the water. Other than that, not much else that I can think of.
  7. TeachinNV

    Infinity observations

    Hi all... My husband and I just got back from our Alaskan cruise this morning, and I thought I'd share the following observations: Pros: Infinity is beautiful! Easy to get around, lots of places to sit and read, several lounges to just enjoy. It took my husband several days, but he "discovered" the Constellation Lounge at the front of the ship, and we spent a couple of evenings just enjoying the view. The crew is very friendly and helpful, especially Dewa and Richard in the dining room, and our cabin steward, Frank. Finally, the food was very good, especially in the Trellis Dining Room, and there was plenty to be had. Cons: While our cabin was beautiful, it was extremely noisy! We were in 9151, and it was directly below the kitchen. We heard clanging, pounding, and assorted other noises most of the night. I would definitely stay away from the inside cabins on deck 9 aft. The outside cabins were below the buffet restaurant, but were below the actual dining area, not the kitchen. I didn't bother complaining because I knew the ship was full. So, these are my observations. Lori
  8. Hi all... I wanted to take my laptop so I could download pix and stuff, but also want to send emails. Where are the wireless locations on the Infinity? Thanks!!
  9. TeachinNV

    Must buy souvenirs

    Hi all... My hubbie and I will be leaving for our Alaskan cruise on Friday, and I was wondering what some of the must-have souvenirs to be looking for are. My son wants moose or elk jerky. Is there such a thing? What hand-made items can I find for my desk? Thanks!! Lori
  10. TeachinNV

    Best "unique" photo you've taken of a ship.

    Great pictures, everyone. I like mine because I don't often get a picture of the ship when I'm on shore...I always seem to forget. I hope this comes out...it has taken me forever to figure out how to resize my photos.
  11. TeachinNV

    Towel Animals!!

    I love all of the pictures! I have a few, but can't figure out how to post them. :o Does Celebrity usually do towel animals? I didn't get a single one when I went on my Spring Break cruise. My husband and I will be sailing next week on the Infinity to Alaska, and I'd love to have towel animals since it's my hubbie's first cruise. If I can figure out how to post photos, I'll share, too. Lori
  12. TeachinNV

    Seattle Q&A/FAQ

    Hi... My husband will be in Seattle for a couple of days after our Alaskan cruise, and I had a quick question for our Seattle expert. I notice that the Fire Festival will be going on in Pioneer Square that weekend, and I was wondering how crowded it will be and if it is worth it to fight the crowds. I'd like to see Pioneer Square, but I don't know if it will be too crowded to enjoy the sights. Thanks!!
  13. TeachinNV

    Cruise around the British Isles

    HCat, Here is the web site for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. I hope it helps. http://www.edintattoo.co.uk/ This year's events will be August 1 -- 23. If you're interested in going, I'd get the tickets ASAP since it is a very big deal in Edinburgh.
  14. TeachinNV

    First solo...Dining questions

    Hi all... Here I am on the Elation, heading toward Ensenada. My dining experiences have been interesting so far. I have the 5:45 early seating in the Inspiration dining room, and I'm seated at a table for 6. There is one other lady seated with me, and for the past three evenings, 3 young men ranging in age from 8 to 12. They are seated at our table because their group has overflowed two tables for 10. Now, they are very nice young men...very well behaved, and once they left the handheld game units in their room, great to talk to. Their parents thank us every night for not minding if their boys sit with us, and remind their boys to mind their manners. Not to bad of an experience, and it's fun to watch them order all kinds of grown up meals. One day, I decided to eat in the dining room for lunch. That is the only negative experience I've had, so far. I asked for a table of my own so I could read, and was taken to the very back of the dining room. The waiter acted like I was a bother because I was alone. Now, I was very polite and gracious, but I guess that wasn't enough. But, I still enjoyed my lunch, if not the service. Overall, I must say that my first solo cruise has been interesting. I have yet to get off the ship, and probably won't. I loved how empty the ship was yesterday when we were in Cabo. Very quiet, and lots of empty lounge chairs. :D TTFN!! Lori