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  1. 30% sounds like a good bargain, enjoy your cruise!
  2. Just to reiterate what others have said, many times it is cheaper to pay the price of two people in a double cabin than it is to have a designated single cabin. Seems daft but it’s true.
  3. Thanks MrFun In The Sun x think the penny has finally dropped duh! Instead of paying two lots of £1000 as in my e.g. you only pay one and a half £1000, which gives you a good saving. I will look out for this on my future cruises
  4. Im not quite sure of your logic here, and if I am missing something please put me right, If the cruise is e,g £1000 then the second person would pay £500, Therefore the cost to each person is £750. A single person would pay the £1,500 which is 100% supplement. You will still have paid the price of 2 people
  5. Thanks Sauspud Its not the volume which makes it hard for me but more the clarity of the speech. Hard to explain. But thanks again.
  6. I noticed in all cabins on the Balmoral there is 'an interactive smart tv' Although Im not altogether sure of all its functions can anyone tell me if there are subtitles on messages, films, the news etc. I am not fully deaf but I do rely on subtitles. Thankyou
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