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  1. Local news here said that NCL would start voyages in Fall. What happened to this summer? I placed a deposit for a summer cruise for 2022 - and not sure if that was the best idea. This is ridiculous already...
  2. I think it will change again in 6 months. Down here in Miami news is getting better by the day. Today MDCPS students effectively immediately don’t have to wear masks outside like during pe or sports. Going to keep my reservation for my family. It’s not until next summer anyways.
  3. The new guidelines of no masks if vaccinated is hopeful. Nobody wants to be on the ship with a mask. Do you know if the vaccine rule is for 18 and over for NCL? Resorts have been able to get back to normal - it’s time for the cruise industry. Maybe not sale to full capacity? Expand the infirmary, and have medications on hand in the case that a vaccinated guest comes down with something. Can’t wait to get back to cruising.
  4. That’s Good News! Now - let’s get the ball rolling. NCL has pushed the full vaccination. Agree/Not - with that, maybe PCR test at port, extra cabins with prophylaxis like ivermectin or whatever on board... good Infection Control practices - and let’s do this already! Many of us have had no issues on land resorts.
  5. I am sure there is a lot of data from amusement parks, airlines and resorts. They need to start somehow. I think they should start with booking every other cabin, infection control precautions from dining to shows, rapid tests on board, prophylaxis if needed, a well trained medical team on board. Hospital partners at different ports. But they don’t have much of this information on their website. Then again, they got rid of most of their staff. Wishing them the best. Can’t wait to cruise again @frankdelrio
  6. Awful. I just find it sneaky and unethical to have these sailings up to collect funds, and they are laying off their employees. It’s like buying a car from a dealership that’s closing. Lol
  7. Your post helped me definitely Decide not to book for this summer. We too were looking to getaway. Our kids hated ending the year from home. We were hoping to take them on a cruise. They just had another round of lays offs this week. Awful. I love cruising.
  8. I heard from a friend they had another round of layoffs this week. My idea of booking for end of summer was squashed.
  9. We were considering booking something. But i heard they just had another round of lays offs this week that hasn’t hit news circuit yet. Not hopeful of booking something with them now. I guess we are going to have to book a timeshare somewhere.
  10. They just had another round of lays offs this week that hasn’t hit news circuit yet. Not hopeful of booking something with them now.
  11. Well said. Agreed! they easily will collect your money. But they can’t continue with these sailing based on the liabilities involved. Also instead of pushing this generic emails with fluff to excuse them from postponing their sailings... they need to update their website to show what they are doing to ensure they are not going to be hosting a Petri dish of infections.
  12. Exactly!!! and this isn’t going to be seasonal. It hit all corners of the globe on a range of climates. We will either have to face herd immunity or come up with readily available treatment options.
  13. I am in healthcare. It’s simply my opinion that this isn’t seasonal as it hit globally different regions with variable seasonal conditions. We will have to face herd immunity, or pharmacological interventions as a society to move forward. We will get it done in this modern society. That in less than 90 days- they let go a chunk of their corporate staff, and mishandled the transition of their crew, leads me to believe they are doomed to fail. Then they hire some former FDA guy to help with all these initiatives, when they need to hire a task force of frontline style brains with true hospital/nursing home experience to synchronize with different departments to push the narrative that infection control practices is top priority. This is from their IT department working with the ships, to the shore ex department, to marketing and sales. All in approach. I love cruising. I really do. But their lack of certainty in this stage of the game on their website, has me holding any funds to book a cruise. This isn’t - we have more hand washing stations... Each ship needs to be individually held accountable with a click on link on their site with information. I want a library of information. sorry for the rant. Long week at work, and wanted to pop in to see the posts.
  14. I don’t think so either. Huge message when they lay-off a large amount of their corporate staff. Dumped cruise stocks.
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