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  1. My suggestion would be to go down very close to the lobby by 6:30am. That's usually when they tell the Diamonds to gather. They won't let you in the Diamond or Platinum lounges though. You don't say if you're cruising from FLL or MIA. If FLL then you'll probably make that early of a flight, but it's going to be tight. If you are traveling from Miami, then I would be VERY concerned.
  2. I wouldn't think that an electronic boarding pass would be acceptable. There are several check points that you go through and at each one they mark your paperwork.
  3. Hard Boiled eggs and cookies to take back to my cabin fridge for late night snacks. Other than that I rarely go to the buffet, even on port days when I don't get off the ship. On those days I eat lunch at the Deli or Cucina.
  4. You could if you wanted to, but I don't have copies. I only take my DL and S&S card on shore with me. I do have a photo of my BC, Passport and DL in my phone. I also have a copy of those documents in my email folder. The reason you need id is not for local authorities, it's just for security to get on and off the ship.
  5. If you put cash on each of their cards it will cut them off when they reach the limit. If you link it to your credit card account you can establish a daily limit.
  6. They only open 30 or so slots at a time based on how many Diamonds and Platinums have booked. Keep looking because if the numbers of D&P are low they will open additional FTTF.
  7. Regarding tendering in GC. If you are not in a hurry to get off the ship you can always go to Guest Services and be escorted down to the next available tender.
  8. I don't wait in line after the first night. I just go directly to my table. If others need to have the MD assist them to their table then they need to stand in line.
  9. I've always known that, but based on the responses you've helped to inform lots of people. I further customize my closets by using command hooks on the interior of the door to hang laundry bag, multi pocket organizer, hats, belts etc.
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