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  1. The Persian Garden has never been an Elite perk. One may purchase access or book an AQ cabin which includes access. Back when there were coupons, I believe there was one for access on a port day. I never paid too much attention to it. Celebrity seems to have done away with the coupons.

    Not true! We've gotten access to the Persian Garden (on a port day) each time we have cruised as Elite!:D:D


  2. I am booked in a C3 cabin on Eclipse Dec 11 for 10 night Southern Caribbean. I got 3 options - free beverage pkg, free gratuities and 300 OBC.


    If the prices of the Aqua came down I would love to upgrade to the Aqua but then I think I would lose the 3 options. How does it work?




    We are booked on this cruise too and it is tempting to change. The best advice is to call your agent. Never hurts to ask! :rolleyes::)

  3. has anyone done this tour recently? the description reads:


    Board a romantic sailing schooner and cruise to Christmas Cove and Honeymoon Beach for an exciting day of swimming and snorkeling. Your first stop is the deserted island of Christmas Cove, home to an array of tropical fish and coral formations. Snorkel in the crystalclear waters and swim among sea turtles before heading to the unspoiled Honeymoon Beach for more fun in the sun. After working up an appetite, youll enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch.


    How many people were on the tour. Guesses are okay! LOL :D


    Thanks for your input!

  4. Hi! I have a question regarding taxi from SJU to the Pan American pier. There are 8 in our party. Would it be best to rent a private van (quote was $100 + tip of course) or would it be just a good to grab a taxi? Any idea what a taxi would run for us? We will be traveling light. One bag per person!


    thanks -



  5. I sailed with Random Wind in January with a fairly large group, we had prearranged to have the boat to ourselves. Trevor was beyond rude (from the moment we stepped into the little Zodiac type boat that took us over to Random Wind) and several of our party gave serious thought to bailing on the trip. We decided to remain because the "hostess" was a lovely young lady. Had it not been for her, it would not have been a pleasant day.


    I will say that Trevor is a competent captain and the sailing that day was lovely.


    Would I book again? Probably not. Too many other choices!


    Maybe you will catch him on a good day... though I am not sure he has too many of those! The day we sailed with him was his birthday! :eek:

  6. Not sure why they do not order at the Cafe II location in the buffet area. Perhaps that should be advertised more as it seems more convenient to the pool area.




    OH! I did not know about a Cafe II - what all can I get there? I love a good cappuccino and I also like a latte on occasion. Hubby likes the drink that has a scoop of gelato in it.:p

  7. Greetings from St. Maarten, our last port


    Suzanne, we met Bruce last night. He is in Future Cruises like we thought. Very nice. More on that later.




    Kathy -


    I look forward to the info on Bruce! So hope I get to see him in January!!


    Thank you so much for all of your updates. I hope you enjoy the sea days! I just love the sea days! :)

  8. Hi Host Andy!

    Sorry to hear that your Uncle is ill and will miss the cruise. :(

    I wondered if you might swing by the future cruise desk and say hi to Bruce? Maybe see if he is going to be on board for the Jan 4th sailing? We have had the pleasure of sailing with Bruce on two other occasions. Once when he was at guest services and then in 2012 we sailed with him on the Millie ( Sydney to Singapore)where he was Captain's Club host. Would be lovely to see him again!

    I hope you have a wonderful cruise and a lovely Thanksgiving!

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