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  1. We are a group of 4 - traveling on the Eclipse, departing Jan 3rd and returning Jan 18th. My question is about timing for getting from the port to the airport.


    We have a 10:00 AM flight. Are we going to have to do the express departure(carry our own bags) in order to make that 10:00 AM flight?


    Is there usually a long line for taxis at departure? We will most likely need a van or SUV since we will have a bit of luggage between the 4 of us!


    Thank you in advance for your kind words of advice!

  2. Thanks for this New Thread.


    We were planning to park at the pier, but 2 wks ago there WAS a problem with paint spraying onto park cars, resulting in damage. (read about this in the MEMBER REVIEWs). We have found an off site parking lot with RT shuttle service to the Explorer. Not going to take any chances.



    Hi! We are sailing on Explorer over July 4th - I was wondering about your off site parking. I would rather not risk the paint either!


    Many Thanks!


  3. Hi there! I was wondering about transportation from the ship back to the airport. Our hotel has a shuttle from the airport to hotel and then from hotel to the ship. It's just post cruise that concerns me! Is a cab the easiest way to go? Cost?? There are 4 ppl in our party.

    I checked SAS but they want a min of 6 ppl.

    Many thanks!
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