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  1. Just an FYI...taxi from "C" where Viking Star was docked, to Sagrada Familia was only 14 euro.
  2. Just an update...Both friends had the insurance through Viking. The friend that cancelled due to family illness will be refunded, not a problem. The friend that is now a single occupancy needs to pay the 6k+ but will get it back because she too had insurance. In the end, both parties will be refunded.
  3. Thinking of taking a taxi for 4 from Barcelona Port to La Sagrada Familia (have purchased tickets on-line). Any idea of the cost for Taxi? I believe I read somewhere Taxi's line up at the Columbus Monument. Does Viking have shuttle service to the Monument? Do drivers speak English or do I need to brush up on the Spanish? We may use a Taxi to a few other locations so all tips and advice are appreciated.
  4. Question - On a bused included excursion, is it possible to stay longer and find my own transportation back to ship or is that a Viking no-no?
  5. I realize the answer to this question may be in the fine print somewhere but was wondering if someone with experience could help explain. Two of my friends are booked on Viking Star (double occupancy rate) to leave in 34 days. One of the friends has a father not in good health. She now realizes that she MAY have to cancel her trip. Both friends purchased the insurance. My friend asked our travel agent and was told IF she cancels, she will be refunded all but the insurance cost. However, the OTHER friend will now have to pay a single rate which is about 3k more. This does not seem correct to me. Why purchase the insurance? I get it that one friend would save, but the other would be screwed. Any thoughts or experiences?
  6. I'm sure that unlimited wine will help. I know the chances of something bad are slim. Just "a thing" because it's new to me. Thanks.
  7. Yes, I was joking about the life jacket, but not the fear of being up to 5 miles out and something happening in the middle of the night. Nope...not joking about that.
  8. Thanks everyone. I'm starting to get a good feel for what is about to happen and SOOO looking forward to it. That being said, I still think I need to wear a life jacket to bed (haven't gotten over that fear yet).
  9. Never having been on a cruise before, I'm trying to imagine the small things. For example: A) Is breakfast crowded due to early morning excursions and folks just starting their day early? Is it easier to order room service if your in a hurry (the menu looks great)? B) I understand we receive maps of the port area. Are they detailed enough to do a self guided walking tour? (don't worry, I have an app for that...but curious). C) How late do people normally stay up and about on the ship? Most in bed by 10? 11? D) How long does it typically take to eat a meal at the Chef's Table or Italian Restaurant? E) When folks arrive on that first day, do they typically stay on board or go see the Port City (no included excursions)? Anyone wanna share their experience?
  10. It includes audioguide. https://sagradafamilia.org/en/tickets-individuals
  11. I just booked tickets, including the "with towers" option. I read elevators will take us up but we must walk down a stairwell. I'm not sure about any other elevators. Maybe someone who has been there will chime in.
  12. Well folks, I'm trying. I was able to see an opening or two for things we wanted. I grabbed them. Problem now is, it wasn't enough for all 4 of us...so I'm still waiting for tours to "open up". I haven't heard back from Viking since the first phone call when I was told they would get back to me. I'm trying very hard to relax about this. However, I want to purchase tickets to Sagrada Familia and really can't since I don't know what time slot we will all end up in for the included tour. Currently 2 in one and 2 in another. (trying to get into the earlier one). Also still waiting on an opening in a paid tour option (3 of us are in and one still waiting). Actually, not one tour has all 4 of us in the same time slot. Disappointed for sure. Thanks for all your words of encouragement, just not feeling thrilled about this yet.
  13. Fairly new here. Thinking of doing a day in Barcelona on my own (4 of us). Reading about Sagrada Familia but not sure where to get "fast track" tickets. I don't see it on their website. Is this only for tour companies? If so, any recommendations? Also, any suggestions on how to spend the day? Self guided walking tour maps? Or reputable tour guides if needed. Thanks in advance.
  14. Nothing new from Viking yet. Still looking and waiting. In the meantime, CCWINELOVER I'm taking your advice on getting tickets to Segrada Familia. Although I can't figure out this "skip the line or fast track" thing". If I purchase tickets through https://sagradafamilia.org/en/tickets-individuals I don't really see a fast track option. Not wanting to spend 3 hours in a line. Any advice on that?
  15. Just keeping you all updated...I did receive a call last night from a viking representative. Wanted to let me know they understood my concerns and are working maybe adding a tour or seats. She was very nice and stated someone would be in contact again within 48 hours to let me know if things are working out. I appreciated the call big time. I'm learning to relax a little. I love hearing all your tips and ideas. Much appreciated.
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