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  1. Yes, immediately via email. Ordered Friday 8th at about at about 12.30pm and delivered by courier on Monday 10th. They are also in packaging that will fit through your letter box. Just remember you need to order each one individually for each member of you party to generate the required PLF number.
  2. Expert Medicals, and I know they have been removed from the government list, but they need to meet the testing standard not be on a list. We will do these on day 2 after return and send off, but also do NHS LFT for peace of mind if the test results either do not come back or are delayed.
  3. As I am cruising next Saturday from Southampton, entered Southampton Docks as return port and Princess Cruises as company, and I have filled out, complete with £28 PCR tests, QR code and printed all ready for return to UK. When you enter a port it allows the additional time.
  4. Not strictly Arvia, but sister ship AIDAnova, cool time lapse from engine build to Ems conveyance.
  5. At last an update from Meyer Werft's webcam. A bit of progress has been made.
  6. A section of the hull in transit to Meyer Werft.
  7. This also applies to 16 and 17 year olds I believe. My son at 17 is currently only on 1 Pfizer dose with no date given on the 2nd, nor able to book it. Only that at 3 months before turning 18 he will be eligible for 2nd dose based upon age.
  8. If you log into Princess.com and look at your cruise on there. Once you are into the cruise, there is a button for Itinerary. Click that and it will give you your departure terminal. Also as a guide, the ABP Southampton page lists all cruise ship arrivals etc. https://www.southamptonvts.co.uk//Live_Information/Shipping_Movements_and_Cruise_Ship_Schedule/Cruise_Ship_Schedule/
  9. But your own quote states they will still have to take a PCR test two days after arrival, being replaced late in October. No official date for the change to LFT for day 2 has been announced by the government, yet. The 4th is for the PCR test before traveling back to UK.
  10. Good to know thank you, we are on her in 37 days.
  11. More than likely just turning the ship around, possibly for minor maintenance.
  12. Cover them in Sellotape, stiffens them nicely.
  13. Not so lucky I am afraid. That list above is the pre-cruise checklist. There is also a terminal checklist:- Terminal checklist Mobile phone so that we can deliver your test result by text message at the terminal (please ensure that your mobile number is correct in My P&O Cruises) Health Declaration confirmation email Evidence of COVID-19 vaccination status Evidence of travel insurance Passport Boarding pass or travel documents.
  14. We have just booked on our first Princess cruise this week for late October. We have both downloaded the app, and flew through all the procedures and are now Green Lane group B. No problems at all importing passport info, credit card and ID photos. One phone was an Apple the other a Samsung. I came away thinking how much better the proper app is than the P&O webpage, and looking forward to getting our medallion and trying it out.
  15. Nothing so interesting, nor to do with pineapples. It's Friends & Family for Carnival brands.
  16. Hope you are well, got worried when your helpful information snippets stopped. Sounds very positive, and a step back towards normal. Have just booked a Princess cruise on F&F for October, hoping we can self explore in France and Spain.
  17. I am new to Princess, but logged into the site just now and went through to my booking no problem. Only 45 days to go apparently. Just checked the Medallion app too, no problem we are green and arrival group B.
  18. Just tying up in Geirangerfjord. Had already been into Hellesylt to drop passengers on excursions. Seen a few ships popping up on the cam in recent weeks. Just booked a Princess cruise for half term week after following information regarding getting off the ships. Fingers crossed no lockdown!!
  19. From my experience on Britannia and Iona staycations, if it says today, try looking closer to midnight tonight. I believe this is similar to what other pax have experienced. Always worth checking through the day, but mine were at midnight. Seems to be a timing issue with P&O.
  20. I am so glad you enjoyed it, like we did. I have got to be a bit more strict on the next cruise to stop too much weight gain, and dare I say it find the gym and perhaps sign up to spin classes!!! Good to see the launderettes are back in action, not that we have ever used them, but a positive step forward for cruising. Had a strange day yesterday though, we were at the in laws celebrating their golden wedding anniversary and they mentioned they want to do a cruise. After a bit of discussion they narrowed it down to Northern Lights or Canaries but from Southampton. Then they said what about a Xmas one next year. Looks like today I will be booking 3 cabins on Arvia for the family!!
  21. Under current covid restrictions, you are not permitted to drink or food into the Headliners Theatre. But as far as I am aware, you can use the package anywhere up to its limitations. The T&C's state:- The package may be used at all food and beverage venues and other areas such as public spaces that offer beverage service. Selections and service are limited to each venue’s menu offering and operating hours. P&O link - https://www.pocruises.com/onboard-activities/bars-and-lounges/ultimate-drinks-package
  22. Just checked my points again today, and my total now reflects the Britannia and Iona staycation points being added. Still not showing past and future cruises, but positive step forward with the points balance.
  23. The numbers are also on your boarding pass you print off before going to the terminal, last 6 digits below the barcode. Didn't verify if it worked, as I did not want my phone in flight mode whilst awaiting my test result.
  24. This is what is holding us back booking something at the moment. We had some great deals for October offered to us yesterday, but with lack of clarity over independent exploration overseas in particular, will have to hold off.
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