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  1. Just came back from Carnival Liberty May 24. My 1.5 year old loved the balcony. Ocean sound and breeze. Content little girl when outside at the balcony.
  2. caffe

    QUICK Advise for Moby Dick Tours

    We used Moby Dicks on May 28, 2008. Great people. Got to snorkel around the reef, enjoy the stingray city (with squid provided), and will drop you off at seven miles beach. No advance deposit.
  3. caffe

    Peat Taylor tours

    Used Peat May 29 2008. Peat Taylor is definitely the guy. He picked us up at the pier and we managed to get to Dunn River Fall before the crowd. He also pre-purchased the admission to the falls and we dont have to lineup to get that once we were at the falls. He is very flexible with the itineraries and will go to wherever the group consensused on.
  4. caffe

    hiring a driver for the day

    We used Gerry on May 26. There are four of us (three adults plus one 1.5 year old). Very careful driver. He even went the extra mile and got us a big SUV (instead of using the station wagon). Make sure you see the east coast of Cozumel.
  5. We just came back from our cruise (Carnival Liberty). I highly recommend Gerry. We used Gerry for Cozumel island tour (4-5 hours). Gerry gave us Cozumel town tour, San Gervasio ruin, and many stops on the east side of the island (must see!! beautiful). Gerry dropped us at beach at the end of the tour or you can ask him to drop you back at the port. Three of us plus a 1.5 year old totally enjoyed our day in Cozumel with Gerry. :)