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  1. Exactly. They’re painting themselves into a corner by defining dinner service as two distinct seatings. If you get a few people deciding to eat on the early side, those tables can be used three times. Now Mr and Mrs Earlybird are stuck waiting until 5:45pm. And as GMS4771 pointed out will be joined by up to 123 of their fellow passengers.
  2. A Facebook group is reporting that as of today the Seaside Yacht Club restaurant has two seatings of 5:30pm or 8:45pm. Can anyone else confirm this or provide any similar experiences in other yacht club ships? I really don’t like this inflexibility but want to plan if that’s the case. Thanks in advance
  3. Last time we were in St. Thomas, we actually rented a car. We were a family of 4 so it allowed for more flexibility. We rented a Leaf through Rent a Motion. I think it was around $100 for the day. It's right up the hill behind the cable car. Just remember to drive on the LEFT <-------====. We went to Emerald Beach which has free parking.
  4. I guess I’ll just have to have a Gin and Coke instead of my usual Rum and Tonic. 😁
  5. I’m surprised there wasn’t a nip of rum in there.
  6. I just booked that last option as a family of 4. (double sofa + bunk) My sailing is filling up though so I'm wondering if they have released those rooms to everyone as they reach capacity. With that said and hypothetically speaking: if there were only one suite left and it was the 5 person configuration, it would be a little silly to insist a party of 5 book it. I think they're just trying to prevent smaller parties using those rooms for no reason.
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