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  1. oh, that makes sense. any chance you could keep the cabin next to you? Maybe move your wife in with your daughter. You’d have to pay for a solo in one, but would still have 3 in a row with your parents. Your sister would be free to book a new cabin on the ship with a friend. good luck.
  2. No, I wouldn’t want my 5 year old on another deck. But, I also wouldn’t want a random 3rd person in the room with her, either. Even on the same deck, Best solution would be for you to change to a triple occupancy cabin, with your wife and 5 year old. Let your sister have her current cabin with the friend.
  3. Glad to hear this. Sounds like a fair resolution! Thanks for sharing your cruise with us on the other thread.
  4. Thanks, Kmom, Very good and entertaining review. I enjoy your writing style
  5. I’m intrigued with the possibility of additional ports! I wonder, does “immersive experience” mean overnights - or longer port calls? Thanks for the heads-up. Looking forward to more information
  6. What an awful experience for you. Thanks for the heads up to other travelers. From the circumstances you described, I, too, would have thought it was a ship excursion. Have you or your TA had a response from Royal, after you showed them the credit card charge, and SeaPass line item ? Good luck
  7. Or maybe not so slow ....depending on the week, March can be quite busy in Galveston. Many area schools/universities are on Spring Break in March.
  8. M_M, this is a great thread. Thanks for the info and pics!
  9. Thanks, @broberts & @*Miss G* , for the additional tips!
  10. Hi, broberts, I can follow your directions (hover over avatar) with a mouse on a laptop. But I don't see any way to do so on a mobile device - iPad. Do you have any advice for iPad users? Thanks!
  11. Sorry, for the duplicate, but the error 500 post title didn’t seem to describe my white page issue today, as no error appeared on the screen. If the mods want to merge this with the 500 error, that’s Ok with me. Thanks for for the feedback
  12. Good morning, Today I’ve encountered white blank pages within a forum, using an iPad. Anyone else having this issue? it doesn’t happen at the category forum list - it is within a single topic. First page reads well, next page just white screen.
  13. Please remove (or move) the “find a cruise” box from the forum categories. Or just put a 1-line link to jump out of Forums, to search for a cruise. It’s very prominent and not expected content in this area of the board . Thanks...
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