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  1. I think NCL’s short term vaccine announcement (through October, CSO time) states 100% vaccinated, because “fully vaccinated” is the term CDC gave when blessing travel without quarantine, It has nothing to do with if kids are carriers and contagious or not. CDC had not specifically announced that kids are free to travel without quarantining, or unvaccinated adults are free to travel - only announcement I recall referred to fully vaccinated people. that’s my 2 cents. An approach to counter CDC to see if they back up the science that’s it’s no risk - because CDC a
  2. March 2019, multi-generational family Spring Break cruise, Liberty of the Seas. Western Caribbean from Galveston. (p.s. had the wonderful corner 7708 balcony).
  3. I just don’t understand all the posts here about bad experiences with kids on board. I have not experienced that at all on cruises with multiple cruise lines, sailing from Florida, Seattle, California, Galveston or Madrid. The majority of my cruises have been from Galveston during summer or Spring Break, with many many kids on board. All the kids I encountered were perfectly normal. Lots of families doing things together. I’m perplexed so many people complain about kids. Sorry, @Heymarco to drift off your topic.
  4. Deleted. Realized Not applicable to current thread. Sorry
  5. plus I just read yesterday that Methodist hospital in Houston was requiring all employees to receive CoVid vaccine. https://www.businessinsider.com/houston-hospital-covid-19-vaccine-fire-staff-employees-refuse-texas-2021-4
  6. Vaccines recommended. But by NCL requiring vaccines through the end of the NSO, It requires CDC to stand by their “fully vaccinated can travel” , and now relates it to travel by cruise ship. A lot of CDC objections to cruise travel (mass CoVid cases flooding port hospitals, etc) disappear in light of “fully vaccinated” cruise ship. Along with the upgrades NCL state they have achieved onboard to take care of any random cases by themselves.
  7. Well, the Governments of the non-US summer departure ports may have been amenable to only adults vaccinated. Convincing the US CDC to allow cruising again may require the 100% vaccinated as a starting point (such as NCL proposal). Just to prove cruises can responsibly sail, to CDC’s standards. P.S NCL only indicated until end of October, then review the science.
  8. curious if Royal will follow same approach or wait to see the result achieved by NCL.
  9. seems if he wants his ports open for cruising, he will have to allow for the cruise lines - or Ports - or both, the ability to mandate a vaccine requirement in the short term (while it is still being called a “health emergency” ).
  10. The SailSafe hyperlink embedded in the NCL investor letter lists this in part: ” Guest vaccination requirements are currently for all sailings embarking through October 31, 2021 — we will follow the science to make determinations on requirements for all other future sailings.“ so vaccinations required to start
  11. Also, Additional Port Components of a Cruise Ship Operator’s Agreement with Port and Local Health Authorities, part 7 : The agreement must specify procedures: to avoid congregating of embarking and disembarking travelers, to ensure disembarking and embarking passengers do not occupy the same enclosed or semi-enclosed areas (e.g., gangways, terminal waiting spaces, check-in areas) within the same 12-hour period, ... can’t disembark and embark from same gangway within 12 hours ??
  12. Will this section be a problem for the mega Ports - General components of a Cruise Ship Operator’s Agreement with Port and Local Health Authorities, sections 11 and 12 The agreement must be specific regarding the following: number of ships that will be permitted to make port, embark, and disembark, hours of the day, and days of the week, and during which these activities will occur, and maximum number of travelers permitted during those hours and on those days. If the port authority intends to allow more than one cruise ship operator
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