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  1. tfred

    Med 2023

    I was looking for a longer trip - 15-25 days . There seems to be a one of those in 2022 (Venice- Barcelona) where I want to go. I was hoping to replicate that in 2023. The longer 2023s look more Athens centric
  2. I see that some Med 2023 cruises are out but only for one ship. I know it is 2 years away but does SS release the full schedule for all ships in the Med at once? 2022 seems to have a variety of trans Med and Italy choices some of which I find attractive. The 2023 choice are all Greek centric - not really what I am looking for . At this stage I don't mind waiting but Seabourn has some nice sailings as well
  3. I did see that some airlines are rescheduling pax flights to less attractive times. Main reason appears to be those earlier sold flights could be repriced at higher fares. The rescheduled flights are connections, early/late flights etc
  4. I see that this just came out for a variety of Med trips. We want to do something longer - 20 days or so a few questions I know it is way early, but any reason to either take a reservation now or wait "some time" to make it. Maybe prices go up or whatever. I am assuming that I would be protected against any value added promotions if they are added is 20 day reasonable on Seabourn? Too long ? Will we get bored with menu or general lifestyle on board. We like "better things" and are foodies but are not looking for over the top formality, especially on a summer Me
  5. tfred


    I wouldn't find a communal table attractive when in Blu or Luminae. I could meet people in the Retreat lounge. As I get older the idea of having to talk loud for everyone to hear at an 8 top is not a fun thing. 2 and 4 tops are good - more than that is a chore. Looking at new to cruising pax, I dont think that a communal table exists at any land based restaurants which is where most new people would be previously vacationing. In the MDRs I could see it, but not in AQ or Suites
  6. Those are also concerns of ours - space is number 1. The actual operator is another. For that money we don't want to wind up on something that is "a guy and his boat" running a vacation for us. The Viking experience leaves us cold as we have been on a few Crystal River cruises and loved them. I have stayed in Cologne for trade fairs on Dutch River boats that were less than lovely - small and definitely second tier
  7. thinking of this in a few years. Not necessarily looking for the Viking, style boat, but the smaller cutesy poo painted ones with small pax count. Our interests are slow pace, good food and leisurely touring Anyone ever take one of these? They look attractive on line, but I don't know if the reality is way different. There also seems to be a few choices of operators (who are the ones to look at?) and what river to be on
  8. I would assume that these are part of the Always Included program that everyone has now. They are just reminding you of these while on that page Beaufort SC - great town, was just there a month or so ago. worth the time to go there
  9. this is why I never flew SW for any business trip and was flying every week. If the flight is canceled you are SOL until the next available seat is available. SW has limited flights on a daily basis. BTW - SW prices weren't always inexpensive Mainline airlines have multiple flights and hubs that you can rerouted through all of this is now bigger problem with staffing issues
  10. HAL is trying to determine a way not to go out of business, so they are looking at all sorts of ill conceived ideas. They are old school cruising and not in a good way there is no reason for X to dilute the suite experience by allowing the DYKWIA crowd into The Retreat or Luminae
  11. No provider wants to train customers to wait until the last minute for a "deal". Airlines won't fill international business class seats with coach pax just to make their flight a nicer experience. The would fly business empty rather than do that X may look at bidders potential to determine if a good gesture (accepting the bid) would retain them as future high spend suite customers
  12. X (and everyone else that is running a lounge program - Marriott, Amex Centurion, Delta etc) knows how many people are getting into the lounge and the net effect on pax satisfaction for those who can get in, can't get in anymore and those not allowed. Its the parallel to the Captains Club discussion Every program changes over time and most of them are looking at ongoing revenue from a pax today - not what you have done for them in the past There should be some minimum revenue/night combination to retain Zenith and top level Blue Chip. Every other program has some a
  13. Other than the people paying for the inside cabin and their suite friends, I don't think that any other full fare suite pax would appreciate more people in the Retreat There seems to be some accommodation for the top end suites allowing their friends to go to the Retreat. As for the standard S 1,2,3 getting those privileges - it appears it might be a problem. want first. class? Buy first class
  14. my guess that first up for making off menu choices are people who are allergic to certain things - gluten, garlic, low salt etc. They will always be accommodated Next are special occasion folks - anniversary, Big 60 etc. They are glad to help you celebrate last would be " I don't like the menu, its weird, or I only eat red meat". Low on their list of accommodating That is why the Chicken, Beef or Fish everyday menu is there. There are some really bad eaters out there (formerly know as "picky") who dont really like food. Makes me wonder what they are doing in Lumin
  15. everyone is looking for new customers - just at different levels. The isn't the same as stealing existing from other cruise lines Carnival isn't X - never will be
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