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  1. I don't disagree with your thoughts. I know that "extras" cost somebody something - just depends on where it comes from. 25 years or so of making my own Rez in business, my frame of reference is really one sided. Don't know if TAs have a traditional side OBC hanging around that everyone gets or if it depends on a relationship of longer term. Never hurts to ask as they can always say no, but I don't want to leave money on the table. Ultimately it is up to the TA to show value somewhere in the food chain. We did have some corporate TAs (mostly optional) that could
  2. spa treatments or "better" excursions that are beyond the city panorama bus ride
  3. we sailed Reflection a few years ago in Aqua Class and enjoyed it. still "traditional" in fee but not crowded. I see that you are in NPT- we live there as well
  4. "OP" is Original Poster. The person who started the discussion
  5. does VO offer OBC as part of the deal if I work with them direct? Don't really know any travel agents around here (or anywhere)
  6. I don't disagree with you. I think that there is a pent up demand for cruising (or really any vacation) that things will go quickly
  7. We have been looking at a Viking Homelands 15 day cruise in 2022. The pricing seems straightforward and I am wondering what TA would actually do for us in re this trip. Do they normally have add ons, discounts anything special that can be done for us? I traveled for business internally for 20 years so I am used to making my own Rez by habit At this point I don't see the advantage of making a reservation. Covid not withstanding, there seems to be enough space on a variety of cruises, Viking's onerous prepayment policy and general lack of discounts
  8. looking at a baltic cruise next summer and this ship came up. We were on Riviera a few years ago in the Caribbean and liked it. Pros were the food - excellent ! Cons - ship is a little dowdy -- black and gold granite style, a few pieces of the closet were broken, bathtub with smaller side shower. Other than the pool there was no sunset style bar to have a drink late day Marina has a great itinerary with some fairly good pricing. Port intensive (actually wish there was a sea day), so the physical look of ship is less important - kinda. has anyone been on Marina that
  9. when is "too early". to book this cruise? Everything now is basically list price- I don't envision that the Sky Suite price would go down. OBC is $800 for 2 pax. I see some on line TA that are offering a $1200 Visa card . is this generally as good as it gets? Other options?
  10. I think that this is true, especially with potential cruisers who don't know how the lines differ in actual experience. If I was used to Holiday Inn and then stayed at a full service Marriott I would be impressed. By the Holiday Inn standard, a Renaissance hotel would be excellent, although to others it would be the minimum. Depends on where you started and what your prior experience is
  11. so what is the downside or upside of using a TA? Normally in any kind of travel I have gone direct - Marriott, Delta etc. Cruises I have booked direct with Crystal River or X. I have seen some promotional allowances on some sites that offer same fare as X but with Visa debit card of up to $1200 or so as a rebate (suite). The OBC was $400/pax - cant tell if that is the retailer or X. Are those rebates generally available from a variety of agents?
  12. I find those aft facing suites fascinating just for the view as well. Are there any downsides to that cabin? People looking over the top, exhaust fumes drifting down etc?
  13. Can't get the Sky Suite idea out of my brain on a 2022 Baltic cruise. Seems to be a few choices on Apex and I am having a difficult time determine if it is better to spend more - $100 more for each level up of the 3 sky suite levels any thoughts on which of the levels and what cabins are better choices? Looking for smooth ride less noise. Is the Magic carpet a concern?
  14. There was a Marriott program (CNBC?) that said they will not lower price on a daily basis (close to 6 PM) as it trains people to wait until the last minute and then reserve a room. Cruiselines are probably the same and would off load cabins to industry for sale -TAs, in house Friends and Family, - someplace that the average full fare pax knows they wouldn't have a shot at
  15. suggestions for tour operators?
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