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  1. We are going to Warnemunde, what would be the best place to check out in Warnemunde? We don’t want to do the 3 hour bus ride each way to Berlin. Is Rostoke work checking out after going to the other Baltic capital cities? And how long would it take to walk to Ristoke from the cruise port? thanks for your reply.
  2. Thank you, I will most likely just walk to the Tallinn old town since I have been told that it’s very close to the port. But I like the idea of doing a combo tour walk/ bike. did you like telliskivi? How much Money was the tour and how long did it take to do both the walking and bike portion? 😄👍🏽
  3. Thank you for the link...😄👍🏽. I downloaded the app and that’s what I was looking for. I’m an avid bike rider here in Southern California and I feel very comfortable on a bike just about anywhere. I have one follow up question... my daughters are 5 and 8 years old, have you seen any kids bikes? Or do they rent a bike trailer to pull the girls around in? I wouldn’t feel comfortable with the 5 year old riding in traffic, at the parks she’d be ok, any thoughts on accommodations the little girls?
  4. Thanks you, I have seen the images of the bike parking areas on TripAdvisor and it looks like it’s a very common way to get around. our family is young and healthy so my wife and daughters would both appreciate riding the bikes around town. We rented bikes in Kyoto and we loved it! So much faster than being on foot. Thanks again.
  5. Hello friends, my family and I are traveling to the Baltic this August on the sky princess. We love riding bikes and we are thinking this would be a great way to see Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tallin, and Oslo. Is renting bikes easy And accessible to do at these ports? or would just walking into the town center be do-able from the cruise port? we are trying to minimize the excursions since our girls are young 8 and 5 and that way we can stay mobile at our own pace. let me know if you think renting and riding bikes in these cities would be recommen
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