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  1. Yes. For a week or 2 there was no 3 persons available when i did a mock booking, but if i changed to 2 ppl the rooms would show available again. I did get an upgrade approved from a balcony to an H7 after this happened so don't give up hope just yet πŸ˜‰
  2. I will be there too that day. I am just going to assume it will be crowded, but that everyone will have he holly jolly spirit so it will be ok. #wishfulthinking
  3. I see an h3 still available for the 12/1 cruise. i have been watching obsessively. What category are you in now?
  4. I'm on the same cruise 12/21. I thought the same thing so I drastically upped my bid (from poor to excellent) for 2 days to see if it would make a difference. It did not make for an immediate upgrade so I changed it back. Have you signed up for the CC meet & greet? Interested to see how and when our upgrades come through. I am thinking next week....
  5. Sadly it is way to soon to speculate, unfortunately. The earliest I have seen bids awarded is 45 days out. So a lot can change between now and your sail date. The suspense is part of the fun. Good luck!
  6. I think you are right too. I have also gone to other websites that show more than 15 cabins in each category and keep watch of what is still to be sold. But the Haven/suites are dropping in price on my cruise with lots of availability while inside and balcony keep going up with limited availability.
  7. I’ve seen posts about them doing it as early as 45 days out and at the last minute...48 hours out. Drives me nuts waiting. 😳
  8. Thanks! Glad to hear if I see a wave of accepted offers come out and I’m not included I’m still in the game.
  9. Does anyone know if the bids are only awarded once per cruise? Or if they award some and then closer to the sail date, award more. Roughly translated to - if you hear bids have been processed for your cruise and yours isn’t, is there still another opportunity?
  10. i know! i feel invested now. let us know! πŸ™‚
  11. I go to the Costco website. They show all cabins available. I watch the pricing on there and NCL.
  12. I am the week of Christmas on the Escape so the week prior to you. Prices jumped up today, but have not seen any upgrades get assigned yet. I have been doing mock bookings too...several options still left and the cruise does not seem full yet. tI drives me crazy trying to figure out how the figure out the upgrades πŸ™‚
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