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  1. We sailed the week of Christmas on the Escape in the Haven last year and had zero issues with kids running amok in the pool or lounge area. It was actually almost a ghost town in the pool area so my teenager (gasp a child) and I sat in the loungers reading books for hours one day. We had food delivered. It was very relaxing. I would not base your decision on a few negative posts as my experience was the exact opposite.
  2. I was hoping to see reviews from others too as I am excited for SIX. However, you might download the soundtrack in advance of your cruise to see if you like it. It is the telling of the wives lives (deaths) from their perspective. We actually love the music and its a humorous sometimes crass interpretation of history. I'm actually wondering if they had to change some lyrics since it is pretty sexual in nature at times (Specifically referring to Henry's......"unit"....on a number of occasions). It wouldn't bother me, but it might upset some parents or young kids. Wonder if they will change the lyrics we have grown to enjoy, I hope not.
  3. If this is the case than we violated this rule A LOT! πŸ˜‰ We had absolutely no issue with bringing drinks back to our room.
  4. You will be fine. They know people have shows booked. Just show up a touch early (as there is almost always still a bit of a wait) and then let your waitstaff know about your show reservation.
  5. Meh, it was ok but I don't think I would do it again. Food was mediocre at best and the show was drawn out. I was ready to leave well before it was over.
  6. Just my personal observation. We were at a table with 2 unruly kids and it really impacted our night. There is no telling how your littles will respond (I have a teenager) so I get it. But this particular experience can be overwhelming for them. There is loud noises, fire, interaction with strangers in funny hats, and food being thrown.Sensory overload for some very young kids. Plus it can be a much LONGER dining experience. I would caution you to bring them as it may impact your experience or the experience of those around you. Plus you don't want your kids to have a stressful evening meal that would make bedtime a real joy πŸ˜‰
  7. We considered it and priced it out. However Uber Black was just as easy and less expensive. We had a luxury SUV and arranged it the night prior. No issues at all.
  8. My teenager packed one and the one on board was fine for both of us. Had no need to bring our own. Save the space for something else! πŸ™‚
  9. Any location will be nice, it just depends if you want relaxing or loud and exciting. Just let the waiter know at whatever venue you choose. We enjoyed Cagney's, but some people are expecting the best steak of their lives (in the middle of the ocean) πŸ˜‰ and its not that good but decent. For a nice quaint birthday dinner Le Bistro or the Haven restaurant would be relaxing casual.
  10. Yep you have to wait until closer to the date to make reservations. It will open up post that date.
  11. Agreed on the idea of being at the mercy of who you are seated with. We had a grumpy set of younger kids next to us that grumbled and whined the entire time. The daughter actually got annoyed when her parents would not let her have more shrimp and she started crying. We had a teenager with us and even SHE thought the kids were annoying and disrespectful. Really brought our experience down, but food was decent.
  12. We were the same way and we had 3. So I just booked for 4 and updated it once I got onsite to only 3. No issues at all, no fees. Book for 2 now, and reduce once on board.
  13. We upgraded to an H7. The bed could not split, but it was very comfy. πŸ™‚
  14. We boarded the Escape the week of Christmas last year in a Haven room. They had la Cuchina available for Haven guests, but it also was not unbearably cold so Margaritaville would have been fine with the windows closed.
  15. Actually In December last year I also upgraded from a Balcony on the Escape to a Haven H7 via the bid process. I watched the sliding scale like a hawk and the amounts (minimum and max) did change. My suggestion would be just to bid what you feel comfortable with and leave it be. And don't focus to much on their "Fair, Good, Excellent" rating. I won with a fair bid.
  16. You will absolutely feel the waves more in a balcony than in an interior room. So you will need to balance your need for "feeling confined" with visually seeing the water line. We have cruised multiple times and each time I bring sea-bands for our wrists but have never had to use them. You can pick them up at CVS/Walgreen's/Amazon. The only cruise that was very choppy for us was out of NYC this past December, spring is generally been a smoother ride in our experience.
  17. We are actually the opposite and were wondering the same thing. We did the Escape out of NYC in December and are doing Alaska in June on the Bliss. I am sort of looking forward to things being familiar, with a few surprises. Ihe do know the Bliss has a full Starbucks which the Escape did NOT have.
  18. They will allow you to select a time to board. Unless you are in a suite (Haven) you should stick to your boarding time unless you want to sit there and wait in long lines and crowded seats. They will also detail which terminal in your pre-travel docs.
  19. I also snapped a screenshot of my "barcode" on the app and had it in my camera roll favorites just in case the wifi was an issue. Never was though.
  20. We travel with a teen and that alone is hard to each have space for our "stuff" let alone sleeping. I would agree with the other posts that say to get an inside (or studio) to save costs. You might even consider switching to 2 inside cabins, some may even connect.
  21. Yes you sure can. But use the app or the touch screens, don't wait in line at the desks (Unless you are in the Haven). Everyone will be making changes day one and lines will be long. You can also do the same with shows. I accidentally double booked and was able to cxl no problem.
  22. We had our meet and greet in District Brewhouse and they offered small flights of beer. The rest of the time the hubby stuck to ordering Yuengling because we cant get it in Texas. πŸ™‚
  23. We just did NYC in the haven and the "lounge" was a joke at the terminal. It had hard chairs (like what is at a banquet round at a hotel) and mediocre coffee. They had 3 counters for check in and space was very tight. I would suggest staying at the airport in one of the airline lounges. You can generally buy day passes and have access to a bathroom, free wifi, snacks and adult beverages. The rest of the trip was amazing and the Haven was fantastic, just the lounge area was less than expected.
  24. Yes. For a week or 2 there was no 3 persons available when i did a mock booking, but if i changed to 2 ppl the rooms would show available again. I did get an upgrade approved from a balcony to an H7 after this happened so don't give up hope just yet πŸ˜‰
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