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  1. Just heard back from our TA and Princess has extended the FCC to cover our May 2021 cruise around British Isles. Thanks Princess
  2. We are trying to book a British isles cruise in May 21 using this FCC, our Travel Agent is Speaking to Princess to ask them to extend the deadline as April/ May is the earliest we can take a cruise from Southampton and it was not our fault we did not use the credit, Princess cancelled the cruise. If Princess doesn’t extend it, I don’t think I will book with Princess again, and pursue getting a refund rather than taking cruise credits Which they don’t seem to honour .
  3. Princess has just informed us that our FCC is ready to use .On the breakdown it states the expiry (sail date ) as 28 Feb 2021 for the first element of the FCC we received from our cancelled cruise in Feb. The other 2 elements have a 2022 sail by date.
  4. Our cruise to Asia was in mid Feb and they cancelled it 2 weeks before we were due to sail. We received full refund + 50% FCC as compensation which had to be used before end Feb 2021. We booked a Baltic Cruise using the FCC and that was later cancelled and that FCC expiry date remains the same as the initial one. Don’t understand why taking it up with Princess.
  5. We have just noted that our first FCC which we received in February when our Asia cruise was cancelled expires at end of Feb 2021. We tried to use it in May on a cruise to the Baltic and again that was cancelled . However Princess has kept the credit showing the original expiry date. That does not seem fair and we are asking if they can extend it as there has been no opportunity to use it. Until Government allows us to cruise these cruise credits are worthless especially if they do not extend the expiry dates on them
  6. My thought is at there’s a lot of FCC to be spent in the next year and a half, therefore putting up prices initially may not be palatable but people will probably pay it as it’s not real money it’s FCC and if they don’t use it then they loose it. They will perhaps book a shorter cruise or lower cabin grade to compensate. Once FCC has gone then prices will fall , as people will think more clearly and way up alternatives etc. if you have FCC you are going to have to decide whether book now for 2022 or hang on to see if prices fall. It could go either way. Lucky for cruisers from US w
  7. I was watching one of the YouTube cruise bloggers who made a good point that with all this FCC about, it’s likely that when the cruise lines do start operating again then it may be difficult to get on the more popular cruises. The cruise lines are likely to also hike the prices up and you will find your FCC not going as far as you thought. He suggested taking land based holidays until things settle down again 12 to 18 months. We will be taking the cash with Cunard as we have cancelled cruises with Princess and FCC with them can be transferred to an existing booking and we have one boo
  8. We had FCC with Princess and once we chose the cruise we wanted, our TA contacted Princess to apply the FCC. I think it works similar to a future cruise you buy on the ship, you can still book it through your own travel agent.
  9. Abta is only advice and not legal as I don’t think UK or European law has been changed in the last week. Both parliaments have closed down , so it is unlikely that the current legislation will be changed to reflect the request made by the travel industry. I believe you can request a refund rather than FCC. Let Planet cruises chase it as you booked the holiday through them. They will need to claim the refund from CMV. My concern is CMV is not as big as the others and may not recover from this crisis, so you could be taking a gamble taking a FCC. we are booked in
  10. I think you have 2 choices 1) hold fire as the cruise at the end of May will in all likelihood of being cancelled. You can then claim a refund like the rest of us. I have one booked with Princess for 30th May to the Baltic from Southampton and I am expecting that to be cancelled probably about 2 weeks before it is supposed to sail. 2) You could cancel now and get whatever refund is available and claim the rest from your travel insurance company. This only applies, I guess if the foreign office travel advisory covers the date you propose to travel. At present it’s in place un
  11. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/coronavirus-cunard-selling-cruise-holidays-australia-a9432556.html Hopefully Cunard will get its act together now following this independent article
  12. Went out for my daily exercise this morning and had a good laugh, one of my neighbours in the village has spent all this free time making bird boxes from odds and ends of wood. They are not for sale, he has decided that bartering is more beneficial during this shut down and is asking 2 toilet rolls for a bird box . I believe he will consider other offers. Perhaps I can persuade him to let me have a bird box for a bottle of tonic
  13. I am still booked on 12 April sailing on QE and Australia has now extended the ban on cruise ships until July, still Cunard have not cancelled the cruise. Carnival has cancelled their Australia sailings until July and Holland America will be announcing their decision on Monday. Yet again nothing but silence from Cunard.
  14. My husbands new electric bike was delivered on Thursday so I have been lucky and had 2 beautiful bike rides over the last 2 days. We live in rural mid Wales and the weather has been beautiful. I got to watch the lambs frolicking in the fields. For a few minutes everything felt normal again. That was until I stopped to pick up my eggs from local farm. They normally leave them in a box at the top of the drive however they have had to move them as someone stole them. Just don’t believe it.
  15. Here’s a copy of post I saw from P&O Australia https://www.pocruises.com.au/news-centre/2020/2020-march-25
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