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  1. FDR needs to be careful. I don't think that was a smart comment to make. Bureaucrats have very, very thin skin.
  2. The AI is an experiment. I think they got it wrong with the drinks and I think they'll modify it at some point. Also, they read these boards, in case that wasn't known to everyone.
  3. All are brand new ships - Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, Resilient Lady, Edge, Apex, Beyond. Very similar in cost - E-Class around $1B and VV ships around $850M, but VV ships are slightly smaller. VV is run by a Disney exec. It appears they are branding themselves (like X) above Royal, Norwegian, and Carnival in hopes of getting Disney like prices. I also think they are going to sell to Comcast/NBC/Universal, but that is another post. Disney does get a significant premium to NCL, RCL, and Carnival. They do it with better service, food, and entertainment. It app
  4. I do. VV has (tips, wifi, sodas, fitness classes, specialty restaurants) X has (tips, wifi, drinks) VV does not offer an unlimited drink package. As a non-drinker, I prefer this. VV does post some drink prices on their website - something X should also copy. Drinks are the sticking point and I'm sure the most expensive of the inclusions. Folks that don't drink, or don't drink much don't want to be forced to pay for those that do.
  5. Seems the main sticking point with AI is from including drinks. Virgin Voyages did not include drinks in their AI package. Easy for Celebrity to modify/copy...and they should. I know a lot of folks disagree, but Edge, Apex, and Beyond and the AI package are "most like" Virgin Voyages and the Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, and Resilient Lady.
  6. Uh, yeah, but I had my July booking cancelled. Love my UK brothers, but would like Virgin to shutdown their little British Experiment and bring the Scarlet Lady back to Miami and honor the July bookings...pretty please!
  7. I'm with ya brother, but you're using logic. The media don't work that way - all emotion.
  8. I'm sure the Cruise Lines will offer to pay. Not to do so would be pure insanity. The question I always had is how could a private company EVEN acquire vaccine when sovereign states (India in the news) don't have a full supply.
  9. Bet some reporter, or even 60 minutes, is going to run with this: crew being vaccinated, while millions suffer in India, elsewhere.
  10. I think a travel boom is coming. It's busy here.
  11. At least we can be certain that the 98% of crew and 95% of passengers numbers weren't just plucked out of thin air. I'm sure there is sold scientific evidence why the numbers aren't 99% and 96%, or 49% and 46%. I feel safe.
  12. Just like the entire US public school system. Seems to be working there.
  13. Tell all passengers you'll be scanning their vaccination card. Don't specify anything else.
  14. Read between the lines. Directionally positive. Not guaranteed, but the next move will "likely" be in the same direction. Cruising is coming back.
  15. Spoiled FL cruiser here. NCL announced new cruises out of Italy and Spain to join with the launches out of Greece, DR, and Jamaica. What could go wrong? NCL executives are going to earn their money in the upcoming months. Ooooh, the complaints will be fast and furious. They will learn how spoiled American cruisers really are.
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