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  1. Imagine life without parole in a Cuban prison. Not saying they were prison escapees, just doing a thought experiment.
  2. I'll just say that many of these folks haven't had employment or full employment for 18 months and nearly all of them support others back at home.
  3. They were tipping big in the casino.
  4. Similar to my experience with NCL. No additional antigen test. Last off, first on. Well done by VV.
  5. Free tram. Like Disney World parking shuttle. Three stops. Resorts World is one, Beach Club, and another one. Beach Club is 5 stars.
  6. Maybe...go to the Roll Call and see if someone will receive it and bring it to the boat.
  7. Not sure if there is a cruise line without FCC.
  8. Q. #4: Why the change from Sail Your Way? A: Vacations should be effortless from the start. That’s why every Celebrity cruise base rate will now include drinks, Wi-Fi, and tips. ...except when it doesn't.
  9. I think it's pretty simple. Celebrity rolled out the Always Included concept and bookings fell off a cliff.
  10. Celebrity can't top NCL. Free WiFi on their home page promo is actually 250 minutes of connectivity...so four hours..out of what, 168 or 164 hours for a seven day cruise. Works out to 2.5% of the cruise. LOL!
  11. Well...at least they don't charge a "Resort" fee.
  12. Blackjack $10 for 6:5 $15 for 3:2
  13. Interestingly, there is a place to select a disembarkation time in the app. It is listed as an excursion for Miami.
  14. All nights are available on 6-10 October voyage. They are not available on 10-15 October voyage.
  15. Worked for me...same as Sid. Booked Wake, but prefer to do that the last night. Just looking at what was filling up first...Wake #1, Gunbae and Pink Agave tied for #2. But, it's early.
  16. Money grab. They prey on your fear that the excursion will be sold out. They much prefer you pre-pay for anything and everything. The statistical analysis shows that folks that pre-pay wind up spending more overall vs. the old system where you couldn't start paying for anything until you got on the ship.
  17. Thanks in advance for any response. Did the virtual queues work for restaurants?
  18. I'm packing my dodgeball gear....although I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the UK reviews.
  19. Can't do this either. Like you, I've had the app for a bit, played around with the various features/options.
  20. Maybe they'll have one, but they're gonna need a big room...39% singles.
  21. Orlando would be even better... for me. Tongue in cheek.
  22. No 10% coupon. Yes, I already received one...and used it on an Alaska sailing. Cruise Next returned to my account correctly. Disappointed, as the letter doesn't specify the, "if you've already received a coupon, you won't receive another". So, compensation is zero if you are a regular customer, 10% if you are a new or infrequent cruiser. Better now than closer to sailing. Glass half full.
  23. This should be in Miami. Miami is a huge international city, with tons of media, and the cruise capital of the world. This will get drowned out in NYC. If they'd had their terminal ready, brought in Branson, hired Pit Bull...would've been Epic.
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