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  1. Full refund now received for our April 25th Baltics cruise including our EZair flights. No sign of 25% FCC yet. Just glad to get all our money back.
  2. Thanks Coral. 🙂 I can now report that Princess has fully refunded our airfares, it just showed up in my bank account. I was concerned as I had booked non-refundable EZair flights and thought they may have given us air credits instead. The refund for our cruise will come through soon via our travel agent. Also to show up is our 25% future cruise credits, not that we are planning to cruise any time soon.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked before. I am waiting for my refund, will the refund include the airfares I booked through EZair that I paid for on Princesses website? This was for my cruise departing April 25th. I really don't want air credits as I have no plans to travel in the next year or so. Thanks.
  4. I just got the same email too regarding my April 25th cruise. I originally chose full refund which I am sticking to. It does say that I don't need to do anything more so I also do not want to reply again only to fall to the bottom of the list. It is interesting that they can act very quickly if you choose FCC but it takes months for a refund to come through. Lucky I cancelled all my shore excursions, drinks packages etc before cancelling the cruise, the money for these came through a day or two later.
  5. Your RED highlights do not change my understanding.. Please explain how non US citizens are able to get home with chartered flights? They are not able to use any form of public transport. How do they get from port to airport, or get a flight home??
  6. Sorry if this has already been mentioned. I just read an article as follows - Coronavirus: Cruise ships refuse to leave Australia A Current Affair07:14, Apr 03 2020 It's the Australian cruise ship standoff that could become an international crisis. Eight vessels are currently in New South Wales waters, refusing to leave. On the ships are 8500 crew members, no passengers, and no Australians. Yet the cruise ships are refusing to leave, fearing they have Covid-19 victims on board. "If you are moving further away from he
  7. Thanks for the update Aus Traveler. Very concerning for all who were aboard the ship. 😔
  8. Do you know when the Costa Victoria is due to dock in Rome Aus Traveller? I saw a video the other day of an older New Zealand couple on that ship. They are terrified of docking there and having no way to get home. The husband is immune depressed and I think he is running out of his medications. Scary stuff. Also read that many tourists are stranded in Bali which is quickly becoming another epicentre of the virus. So glad to be isolating at home for 28 days. Take care everyone.
  9. We are doing fine here thanks CJSKids Three adults here and we are working from home, we have enough room to spread out. Think we will be ok. Only my husband will leave the house once a week for groceries. The more we limit contact the safer everyone in the country and world will be. Once things have settled down and it is safe to travel, we will be looking at booking another cruise with Princess. I have enjoyed reading what others have bee up to on this thread. 🙂 Be safe and take care everyone.
  10. Hi from New Zealand, our country is going into total lock down Wednesday midnight. Husband, daughter and I are all working from home (nothing new for me.) I have my own home office, daughter works down stairs, husband has dining room/lounge. We are stocked up on food and supplies, we bought a bit extra every time we shopped, no need to hoard goods or panic buy. We were to sail on the Sky Princess on a Baltics cruise April 25th which was to be our first cruise with Princess.
  11. New Zealand is now at alert level 3, we are going to level 4 in 48 hours which means total lock down of the country except for essential services and we all stay home. We have also had selfish tourists saying they will not isolate themselves.
  12. All New Zealanders currently travelling are requested to get home ASAP and we are warned not to make non-essetial travel to anywhere in the world.
  13. This is from the Princess website and is part of the new pre-boarding checks - Any individual who has been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, or a person under monitoring for COVID-19 within 14 days of the start of the cruise, will not be permitted to board the ship.
  14. Same here, I preferred keeping track of what the money was for that came back to my bank account.
  15. I guess that it is possible that they found out that a person close to them tested positive halfway through their cruise 🙂. Wonder what the protocol is for cases like this - phone the ships medical centre straight away? Hoping the best for all involved.
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