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  1. Thank you both for your replys. I haven't cruised with Princess before so I find this board very helpful. 😊
  2. Hi, once booked with Princess Cruises do they ever offer discounted premium drink packages before you sail? I am surprised that there is only one (expensive) alcohol package available.
  3. Can you use cash to play to play the pokies/slots in the Celebrity Solstice casino?
  4. Great video boekli, not something I would have wanted to watch had I been on board that day. I read that they ran out of fuel and had lost a paddle, very scary. The Solstice did well to move aside for them and good job to the boat that went to their aid..
  5. Great tips thanks chemmo! I loathe haggling too lol so my plan now is to pre-pay for Murano's. , Don't mind missing out on Silk Harvest and Tuscan though DH may be interested in getting a good price for them once we are on board.
  6. Interesting, I have being thinking of buying a 3 night dining package before we sail January 14th as I like to pre-pay as much as I can. Could be worth holding off and waiting to see what is on offer once on board? I would just need to know before hand what the exchange rate is.
  7. Can I please order a sunny day in Picton for January 22nd, I will be arriving on the Solstice that morning. Thanks for posting those great pictures. 😊
  8. I upgraded our drinks package from classic to premium online via the cruise planner. 30% discount for a 14 day cruise. I think the offer expires soon.
  9. Hi Margaret, are you sailing on Celebrity Solstice January 17th? If so, we have an active roll call with lots of info shared if you are interested. Sorry I can't answer your question but I would think two hours should be plenty of time to get ashore.
  10. Hi VitaminSea53. I haven't been to the Kawiti caves in the Bay of Islands. Bay of Islands is a lovely part of NZ. Looking at your itinerary I see you have two days in Tauranga. You could do a day trip from there to the Waitomo Caves which NZ is better known for. It is a nearly two hour drive so it would take a lot of your day to get there and back but it is quite a scenic drive through mostly countryside to get there. We did a trip to Waitomo last year and toured two of the caves, both were excellent. Another option from Tauranga is a visit to Rotorua, excellent for the geothermal areas and Maori cultural experiences. The Rotorua lakes are very scenic as are the parks. You can also wander around Tauranga, sit on the beach (late spring time so it may not be the warmest for swimming.) South Island - from the ports of Picton, Akaroa, Dunedin - There are many wineries in these areas. You may like to swim with the dolphins or go on the boat to watch them. There are tours to see penguins, albatross and sea lions. Each port also offer harbour tours. If you like train trips then the Taiere Gorge train trip is highly rated, you get to see some amazing scenery. This departs from Dunedin and if you book the trip through the cruise line the train comes to the port. From most ports you can do bush walks, very safe as we have no snakes or dangerous animals to worry about. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know. Have a fantastic trip and report back. Cheers, Heather.
  11. Great photo's and review cruise kitty! Glad you enjoyed your trip to New Zealand. :)I am doing this cruise January 17th next year. Will be nice to sail from my home port of Auckland.
  12. Thank you so much Gonzo70! Your reply is much appreciated, it's good to know we won't have a big bill to pay at the end of our cruise.
  13. We are sailing on the Solstice next January, New Zealand and Australia. We have paid for the Classic beverage package. Can anyone please confirm or not that if we keep within the price range for our drinks that we won't be charged another 18% gratuity each time. I understand that the daily gratuity is built into our fares but I find the drinks gratuities confusing and I can't find it mentioned on Celebritys website. Thanks.
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