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  1. Yes, “no gratuities” would go nicely with no kids, no casino, etc. Let’s keep running this idea up the mast.
  2. Not alleging anything since I have no expertise in weather modification (though there is extensive history - even Leonardo Da Vinci's notes included ideas for such), but this image and Jim's observation makes me wonder about possible explanations.
  3. When in Dublin, the Brazen Head should be your first "port of call." http://www.brazenhead.com/
  4. The article was typical. Fact checking is anachronistic. Define ten. Define fine dining. Define venue. Perhaps room service is a "fine dining venue."
  5. This is a very sensible approach and the information and recommendations are very helpful. We adopted a WFPB diet 5 weeks ago, which was after we booked our next VO cruise to Alaska in June of 2020. We eat primarily at the World Cafe and have already decided that as long as we can avoid meat, dairy, and eggs we are willing to eat something that may be prepared with or include oil. Since I’m allergic to soy, I will prioritize this in my dealings with Viking. They have been very accommodating on our prior cruises (1 river, 2 ocean).
  6. Hanoj

    Hong Kong

    Be happy, don’t worry. Worrying is using our imagination to create something we don’t want.
  7. I have only sailed with Viking (one river, two ocean) but have been reading threads for Regent, Seabourn, and, to a lesser extent, Oceania. We have enjoyed our Viking cruises and I’m happy to report all our “hassles” have been on land and not on the ships. We’ve noticed a decline in the quality of customer service (sales and Viking Air primarily) since our first dealings with Viking ar the end of 2016. The company is obviously growing fast, but these more recent issues with booking excursions and other often mentioned customer service faux pas need to be addressed by Viking, especially in light of their recent incidents with their ships. I prefer the quality of my entire experience with a cruise line to be consistently high. We we just booked our next ocean cruise with Viking to Alaska in 2020. Both Regent and Oceania had intriguing itineraries but each had some perceived limitations that caused me to overlook them in favor of what I am familiar with and like about Viking. But, I won’t know unless I give them a try. In the meantime, we really like Viking’s no kids, no casino policies and it’s relaxed, but elegant ambiance.
  8. On a different thread someone asked, “Does Viking Ocean want UK cruisers?” From reading all the troubles since they changed their times one might ask, does Viking Ocean want guests to book Viking excursions?
  9. I had been under the same impression until I asked. We didn’t abuse it and I usually did it when they weren’t busy.
  10. That’s not necessary. We entered at the Pile Gate and exited near the old town harbor. Keep your ticket since they scan it at each entrance/exit. I’m not sure if they let you go around more than once, and I’m unsure about whether you are permitted to return once exiting though I suspect not to control more than one person using a ticket.
  11. Pile Gate access and wall perimeter along Mediterranean Sea.
  12. There are 3 entrances/exits to the wall. The direction is one way counter clockwise. A good map will show all 3. Entering the wall from the Pile Gate is the only way to walk the wall along the Mediterranean Sea and the views are spectacular. Edit: We did the wall on our own so I don’t know where the Viking tour accesses the wall.
  13. Moatenote, did you ask to obtain coins at the Explorer’s Desk? Although they don’t do currency exchanges, we were able to get coins for banknotes (of the same currency) on our 2018 Homelands cruise. We had plenty of coins from cash purchases on our recent Mediterranean cruise that we didn’t ask.
  14. @Liz Masterson we changed our plans to cruise Alaska with Viking instead. We were unable to get the business air flights through Viking that we wanted. The prospect of short flights (total round trip flight time is less than 5 hours) is very appealing.
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