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  1. centralcalicruzer

    Shareholder credit.

    I got an email from Carnival saying they had applied the credit. I haven't printed anything out yet so maybe it will show up then. If not, I'll just check onboard and show the email info if I have to. I'm sure it's fine. Thanks everyone!
  2. centralcalicruzer

    Shareholder credit.

    Ok, so I have now faxed my info to Carnival. Where do I look in my booking on the Carnival website to find out if the credit has been applied? So far I can't find anything that shows my onboard credit, even what I got from my travel agent. On the Princess website it is easily visible when I log in.
  3. centralcalicruzer

    Bit rusty on drinks, and also info on St Lucia?

    St. Lucia is beautiful, but you definitely need to get out of the port area to really appreciate it. Our first time we took a cruise along the beautiful coastline down towards the Pitons, it also included a short beach/snorkel stop. The second time we did the ziplining, over on the east side of the island, it was a lot of fun, very "jungle-y", and we then made a photo stop overlooking the Atlantic on the way back. Both tours were through Princess and fairly reasonable cost.
  4. centralcalicruzer

    Shareholder credit.

    Thanks, I have that already because I just submitted for a Princess cruise I'm doing in a few weeks. So you just add a cover letter with ship, cruise date, etc. and fax in to the number on the list?
  5. centralcalicruzer

    Shareholder credit.

    Does Carnival have a specific form to send in? I have one I use for Princess, but it says "Princess Cruises" at the top so I wasn't sure if I could use if for my upcoming Carnival cruise.
  6. centralcalicruzer

    Taking food/snacks to your cabin?

    I wonder if it was because you took it into a "bar" area? Were you in Crooners? Because clearly you can take food from IC back to your cabin. As busy as the IC usually is, there's no way everyone that gets something from there can be expected to sit right there and eat. Heck, I've even taken a sandwich from there into the theatre to watch an afternoon movie (I wouldn't take food in there during a production show.)
  7. centralcalicruzer

    Change the Subject

    I have had the standing request for a robe in my personalizer for years. If there's not one in the cabin upon embarkation, I mention it to the steward. Usually they tell me they are being laundered and will be in the cabin as soon as possible. I've never not gotten one.
  8. centralcalicruzer

    Shareholder request form

    Podgieree - thanks for the link, I have now saved to my computer for future use. Even though Princess clearly takes any year's form, it's nice to have the current one. Makes me feel more "official" lol!
  9. centralcalicruzer

    Shareholder request form

    I used last year's form just yesterday. I faxed it just before noon and when I came back from lunch and checked at about 1:30 I already had my OBC!
  10. centralcalicruzer

    Stockholder benefit officvially extended

    Getting ready to fax my request in. My brokerage statement is 12 pages long, does anyone know if I have to send the whole statement or can I just send the page that shows my Carnival shares? Each page has my name and account number on the top. I know I need to black out the account number.
  11. centralcalicruzer

    Holland America Question for Pam in California

    My daughter is a Production Singer on the Grand currently, and she was just in Sitka two days ago.
  12. We haven't cruised Carnival in a while but looking to book a three nighter on either Imagination or Inspiration. So is FTTF pro-rated based on length of cruise? And if just one person in the cabin purchases it it is good for both parties in the cabin?
  13. centralcalicruzer

    Formal nights wear?

    It is difficult to say unequivocally whether someone would be allowed into the dining room on a formal night in that attire. It is certainly appropriate for a "Smart Casual" night. Many people state they no longer wear a tie on formal nights. I would think at the very least a long-sleeved button down would be appropriate and acceptable. Is there a reason that is not an option? It wouldn't take up any more room in the suitcase than a polo shirt. That being said, you can certainly attempt the MDR on formal night in a polo shirt, you may or may not be allowed in.
  14. Fun review so far, looking forward to the rest of it. DH and I haven't cruised Carnival in a while, but looking at one of the short ones out of Long Beach for the same reasons - a quick, affordable getaway that doesn't require driving.
  15. centralcalicruzer

    Carnival Corp Stock Purchase?

    I hesitated when it was in the $45 range and have been kicking myself ever since. When I saw the pull back I contacted my IRA broker (Schwab) and asked them if there was an underperforming stock I could sell and then purchase 100 shares of CCL. Done and done in a day with an order to re-invest the dividends. I don't even have a cruise booked at the moment, but looking at one for November. Also, I think the dividend is $2 per share going forward if I'm reading correctly. It's already up almost $2 per share from when I purchased it July 2.