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  1. I leave tomorrow and just sailed on her last December so I'll see if I notice anything really different and report back.
  2. I just faxed mine in today. With Princess I usually get an email right away acknowledging receipt of the fax, but I haven't received anything yet from Carnival. I can't remember how it worked out last year on my Carnival cruise, but I know the credit was applied really quickly. Where do I look in my online Carnival account to see if the credit has been applied?
  3. Also, the Star does not have Alfredo's
  4. Why only one night in the MDR? What you have described fits perfectly fine with Princess's request for attire in the MDR on all non-formal nights. Most people will be dressed similarly.
  5. I wonder if the Mediterranean, where we are staying pre-cruise, would allow us to store our luggage for a few hours post-cruise. Anyone that has stayed there before know? I can easily give them a call but don't want to come across as demanding if that's something they would never do.
  6. As luck would have it, our flight from Seattle leaves at 7:00, one hour after the Port Valet deadline for Southwest. (I didn't know about the 6:00 deadline when I booked our flights) Does anyone know of other options, similar to Canada Place in Vancouver, for storing luggage for several hours prior to a flight? I assume we'd need to head to the airport at around 4:00.
  7. Nice review so far. For some reason, after post #8, your photos are not showing in the succeeding posts.
  8. Most of the water taxis have the glass bottom - they are glass panels on the floor of the boat. Although TBH on the one we were on you couldn't see very well out of them. But when we stopped for a few moments near the snorkeling area, you could see a lot of fish just looking over the side.
  9. We did a short Carnival cruise in early December and I was surprised at how many people got really dressy on Elegant Night. Mostly cocktail length dresses, but quite glitzy. I was glad I had packed a fancier dress, as based on what I had read on these boards I almost didn't. Still, there were plenty of people who were dressed more casually but still nice and neat for the dining room. You will be fine with what you have described.
  10. I would say St. Lucia is one port you want to make sure you have an excursion planned. Our first time there we did a catamaran trip out to the Pitons, and the second time we did ziplining. It's a beautiful island, but just not much to do right at the port.
  11. We did ours through the ship. It was a Carnival cruise, but I have seen the same tour offered on a Princess cruise that stopped there.
  12. We just did the wine-tasting for the first time last month and really enjoyed it! Two wineries, lots of food to snack on with your wine (cheese, bread, olives, crackers, jellies, etc. but quite filling), plus we each received a bottle of wine to bring back.
  13. We just did this in November - The first photo was taken from the ship, the second two from our water taxi tour. They required everyone to wear a life vest. Yes, the boats are small and a lot of them are kind of old. But I never felt unsafe. And I am fairly risk-averse. On the Sea of Cortez side of the arch (where we are standing in the boat), the water isn't really all that deep and people snorkel fairly close by from Lover's Beach. I can swim, I wasn't too worried about falling overboard. The water is rougher on the Pacific side (third photo), and I wouldn't have stood up in the bow over there.
  14. We cruised out of San Pedro on Princess on November 20 and our sea day the next day was beautiful - sunny, warm, we sat out by the pool in swimsuits. However, our last sea day on the way home was cold and windy, all the pools were closed. Two weeks later (December 6) we cruised out of Long Beach and almost didn't make the ship due to snow on Interstate 5. It was pouring (and snowing in places) on us until we got to Long Beach, but thankfully the rain stopped in time for sailaway. The next day at sea, it was fairly warm in the morning, and again there were people in the pools and hot tubs. Not as hot as summer, but you could swim if you wanted. Then later in the day, some really dark clouds came up and it got quite a bit cooler.
  15. I have been seated at the "two tops" where one seat is along a banquette and you are literally right next to the next table's diner. But we are just off the Emerald, and all four nights we ate in the ATD MDR, we were seated at very nice tables for two that were not extremely close to other diners. Actually, one night they sat us at a four top next to the window. We were given pagers three of the four nights but waited only moments to be called. Only one of those nights did we even have time to order drinks before being paged. We went to the Michelangelo dining room around 7:00-7:30 each night. However, this was a Thanksgiving cruise with LOTS of families on board, so there may have been a lot of groups wanting earlier dining and every cruise has a different demographic of cruisers wanting different dining times.
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