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  1. I was on the same trip! I am so glad we didn't miss Choir of Men...that show was fantastic and well worth having to pay for it. We were also big Howl at the Moon fans...were there every night it was open.
  2. We just disembarked on Sunday (8/19) We got in line at 8:15 and were on the street before 8:45. Very easy and efficient. We took our own luggage. Lines for elevator were very long, so we hiked down from Deck 11 dragging our suitcases. That was our choice and we laughed all the way down because we were making soooo much noise!
  3. On Sunday we got in line to disembark at 8:30 and were outside on the street by 8:45. The longest wait was for the elevators so we just bounced our luggage down the stairs from Deck 11 to Deck 7. It was noisy and sounded like bodies were falling down the stairs, but worth it!! :) We ate breakfast that morning at Taste and I think they were open until 9:30 am
  4. Hi All, Just back from the Escape/Bermuda on Sunday. I was a first time cruiser and it was great!! The staff on the ship were accommodating and friendly. Two disappointments: 1. The ship didn't leave NYC until 8 pm on 8/12. Rumor had it there was a fuel issue. 2. The NCL iConcierage app. It only worked about 50% of the time. Messages would be received 8 hrs after they were sent. This made it a bit difficult to keep track of where everyone was. I don't think that was $40 well spent. When I cruise again, I am going back to the old fashioned.."Meet me at the pool at..." The greats: 1. My kids loved it!! I didn't see them much but knew I could find my teen at H2O at night dancing up a storm and I only had to look up to find my tween on the ropes course. 2. Food was good, especially in the MDR's. The Manhattan room was my favorite because of the live dinner music 3. We saw Choir of Man. DO NOT MISS IT!! Well worth paying for. 4. We sang our voices hoarse at Howl at the Moon. So much fun! 5. Curly the bartender at the District Brewhouse was by far our favorite. So entertaining! We visited him nightly. 6. MOJITOS!! I didn't think I liked Mojitos...well the Raspberry/Guava mojito made my week!! Loved sitting at the mojito bar and watching everything going on around me! 7. I couldn't believe how smooth disembarkation was! So fast and easy. A great week!!
  5. Nope! I am honest and didn't even think of it as theft. I'll pay for the soda! ;p
  6. Oh, I am honest and won't do it!! I will pay for the occasional soda unless a bartender is nice enough to fill one for my kids.
  7. Hi, We are staying on 11 in a balcony room. Do all the rooms that sleep 4 have the bunk in the ceiling as the 4th bed? My children just got really excited at the prospect of not having to sleep with each other. Also, hairdryers....in the room or bring my own?
  8. Thanks! Is it a one or two drink minimum with the UBP when ordering? We did not get our kids the soda pkg because that would be a waste of money for them. But if they are with us and want a soda, given we have the UBP can we get one and order a drink?
  9. And another question... I know I can't bring a travel iron, but can I ask for an iron on the ship? I am a newbie and this is my first cruise...you have all been so helpful!
  10. My apologies LrgPizza. It says 20% gratuity and service charge. If asking if I am a teacher is you being snarky, please move on. All I did was ask a a question. I do appreciate the responses I received and for those of you who understood my question and answered politely.
  11. We are leaving Sunday with a big group and have elected the UBP as one of our perks. I know the fine print says 20% tax on the UBP... Is that based on the $89 a day if we had purchased it? Is it charged to the room or have I already paid that within the cruise charge? I have combed my paperwork and the taxes, etc.. are not itemized. thanks!
  12. You have all been so helpful! Not to be a pain...but I have few more questions. 1. Are you allowed to bring your own cigars on board? 2. When the credit card is given at check-in, do they run it for a certain amount to place a hold? Do I have to use the same credit card when the charges are charged at the end of the cruise? I have two gift cards for the ship...does that go on my room account? Thank you for being patient with the new cruiser!
  13. Great review! Thanks! Is the Asian tapas restaurant a specialty or included?
  14. Thank you all so much! I am going to have a very upset daughter...no one we are traveling with (a group of 45) is under the age of 13 except for her. The next youngest just turned 13. I do have a couple more questions: 1. Is white night family oriented or adults only and which night do they do it? 2. Can we fill up insulated mugs with water from buffet and around the pool? 3. Should we bring our own beach towels for Bermuda or can we take them off the ship?
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