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  1. It was a pea green Eagle Creek international carryon and it had several tags but alas, no ribbons! It must have been someone very color blind to mistake it for their own! In the future, I’ll not entrust my carryon to ANYONE! Headed to the laundromat to wash something to wear home.
  2. Thank you for your quick reply. I’m only here for 2 days so at least I won’t need much. I surely wish they would put in a baggage check system but have learned a valuable lesson.
  3. My smaller piece of luggage was lost from Silver Wind to the pier where you retrieve your luggage. Does Silver Sea have any liability in this case? They have pretty much said another passenger must have taken it and maybe it will resurface. Anyone with experience, please advise how I should proceed. I’m in London for a couple of days and all of my walking shoes and clean clothes were in that bag😒.
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