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  1. Dear bemis12, I guess not out yonder. Here near NYC, NY is the most competition in the world. So yes that is a extreme attribute to this area. Using such vulgar language does not benefit you and / anyone on Easter! Coke , Pepsi etrc is a standard in soda pop. Do you use coupons? We do. Here near me are 12 major supermarkets within 4 miles./ So yes they have to compete. Oh BTW the no deposit here in New Jersey was made into Law as per to provide jobs, even we are the only State in the US to have all counties with Fuel Pumpers. alas JOBS here it is about 18,589 in that. Glad I helped you lean more here.
  2. Dear skynight, TNX. It used to be, but so many things are/were..
  3. Thank You. The HotMan (Hotel Manger) is the one responsible!~
  4. Having for the Slot Players are they newer machines? As the new ones now may be fixed by Casino Staff in Payout Ratios..
  5. Yes , but other cruise lines have at least a great CupA tea maker..eh
  6. The days of Union Music and/or Orectras is gone on Cruise Ships even at Dinner we used to have live Perfomers. Sometimes when we are able to get a great cupa tea they do have a foursome..Cunard and Holland have the best Teas a great Social event and No real ear drum breaking volumes, Eh What did ya say?...
  7. I think the Price Basis for Bottled Water is absurd, IMHO. Web do brin g our soda pop our cost basis is Nine Cents a can. Bootled water from a Monroe County, Rochester, NY HQ firm is Five JEFFERSON Cents per bottle and no deposit in New Jersey here.
  8. LOL you can put a boat on a ship but not a ship on a boat eh..
  9. Yes so many in Miami , Florida HQ do not even know about the Federal Judge and what she said and as well did so far..
  10. Oh Gosh DogIt.. C hair Hogs are Worldwide I think they bred too much.. Rules aboard should be Enforced as well if the Rule Breakers do it give a Debit on each account ..If they stll want to do the wrongs make them pay the way.. On the Carnival Shareholder Benefit increase the OBC given, even the volume of shares owned in larger amounts should have an increase in OBC size..
  11. Dear Coral, Awesome provide your own access on Princess ships.Expense is high, your time to use is limited as well, but youre choice on Sat. If your a Shareholder talk about this at an Annual Meeting. If not a CCL :NYSE LSE CUK :NYSE , BUY a Block of Common Stock and make your points well known.
  12. How many other Cruise Lines provide Internet Service tou you Gratis? At any speed your Cost Basis is the Best on Princess ..eh.. If problems occur wait till a service agent is on duty as that way they may be able to creit your minutes back and EXPLAIN how best to make acceess and LOGGING Off better. On a few cruises I did have a problem in my portfolios .. but alas it was from the entries too.. Trading if I have to I use my SAT. Phone. Yes having Plans A, B, C, d etc.. Walking down the GangPlank one time a firms Board had declared a lowered Dividend as per the Worlds Largest Tornado. Having not much choice I held and Gained well in the Longer Term eh..
  13. Yes, having a level near the top in our Captains Circle makes it much better. That only means you have Cruised Days aboard the Ships..eh.. Having the Military as well Shareholder Benefits do benefit youall on all of Carnival Cruise Lines. OBC makes a nice gifting for your family, friends, and/or associates to cruise with. Using it to reduce your cost basis is a good business sense activity ..eh..🤩 Having an astute Travel Agent with a ASTA Agency makes it better !👓
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