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  1. Dear iamcruzin, We have been on a lot of ships /\ lines. Each does have attributes too. Cost basis is important. As you have seen NY City has gotten so , IMHO, GREEDY. Even across the North River in New Jersey the costs are so so much lower and the benefits more. Marty I praise all the time as he converted the SALT Pier (Pier12) and finally Red Hook has a Ferrry next to it.. no subway still./.\ He sure made a lot of Hookers.. Red Hookers.. Yes on NCL they do have adverts on radio /TV .. FREE FREE Free but nothing is ever free when your paying the fares.. the service charges are really absurd on that (Nickle and Dime Line). Ever notice they have the Highest Bottled Water charges and add a gratuity to it even for Cabin Deliveries. They got caught in Bermuda before charging Three Port Fees when Bermuda even if in all three ports only charges ONE Fee!@ We last month had a great deal from Town on a Old , New named , Carnival ship to Bermuda (Somers Isles). SHe was like an Old Maid with a new dress..Coming off her with more money than spent too. Do you use a Professional ASTA Travel Agent as we do always? Seeing you do your comparisons well is refreshing!
  2. Dear Redwing55, It is one of the Best Breeds IMHO too. We showed in BREED as well OBEDIENCE them. In BREED the attorney for the AKC had this breed too. So yes zan UnFair advantgage was hers... On your Mi. location i was entering a LOL as my kin was from there his two sons still reside. Have you looked and researched our newest winner yet? A Logotto Romanolol. They date from Cleopatra, Julius Ceasar, and Marc Anthony. This is where all poodese come from.. This BTW is our highest HIT dog too.
  3. On air cost having people going/coming where you all are to fill a aircraft is a lot lower in private ! Going eg: from here next to USMA West Point, Orange county, NY is one of the lowest costs on an airline owned by people from Norway..
  4. Dear Redwing55, Asking an ASTA Travel Agent will benefit you well. Kinda like your breed, I think it is a Soft Coated Wheatn Terrier. We showed and bre them. At AKC shows (Breed) when the attorney for the AKC shoed hers we did not as you may well know it is what is holding the leash a lot in the AKC and UKC shows.. How many people say Northville, and the Bloomfields are not accredited well?
  5. Having a nice cup of tea is wonderful, the social event as well helps the passgers and cruise live too. A great Mutual Benefit. It now does provide another source of revenue. Make sure youy laud it on your comment cards.
  6. What happens now when and if they change the Dated Date for celebration of Halloween?
  7. Yes the Platinum GIFT is always nice to provide something to us paying cruisers..eh. Having to say the Neck DECERATION which is one of the worst , IMHO, I have ever seen is such a paltry thing and should be a disgrace to Carnivals Upper Management. If they provided a wine with a special label for the sailing , let alone the Cruisers names would give so so many memories as well sharing the view of it with family, friends, workmates etc.. Even Travel Agents could display them in the offices to book more Carnival Cruises..eh..
  8. Dear Norwaylady, Years ago even on the Zenith before and after being taken over by RCl : NYSE we had niceites. Even a few Tusen Taaks too.. Now nothing. Oh well. In the age old adage,, forget they ignorant for they not know what they do! Pray for them.
  9. Dear TommyD3, Yes we so agree. Ever since the Greek Owned Celebrity line was taken over the Quality, Quantity, and service have gone the way of the favorite car of Thomas Alva Edison's second wife. The Electric Car.. Celebrity used to have the very best food and Professional wait staff a-float. We were always panging like a Pangolin to see what delicous creations were to be shown and served. The real question we all have to ask is; When is the quality returning now?
  10. Dear Casino Player and all, Happy sails to you all, with under 423 slow days now soon..
  11. Trading Symbols for Carniuval Common Stck: CCL :NYSE /LSE CUK :NYSE /LSE Having more than a Hundred Shares now may be best as the Dividend is Greater than a 30 Yr US Treasury, You Banks Interest Rates too.
  12. Howdy, Since Celebrity was taken over by RCL :NYSE , why are they not providing good services for us Shareholders with the 10k (Annual) posted SHAREHOLDER BENEFIT now?
  13. Anchors Away Med holders.. Cruiser should be given choices.
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