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  1. Hello all. And thanks in advance for any insights or opinions you may offer. The wife and I will be first time cruisers. We do not know if cruising is for us but given that an Alaska trip is surely bucket list worthy, the current plan is to take an Alaska cruise in order to see those once (or more) in a lifetime sights of the north and to concurrently see if cruising appeals to us. I have been reading a good bit on the Cruise Critic boards and have come to the following conclusions: ▪ As noted above, Alaska will be our first destination. ▪ We are considering a cruise on Holland American as their Alaska Itinerary includes Glacier Bay. ▪ We really do not want to be around large crowds, but understand that a trip like this is going to have some element of large crowds. ▪ To avoid the crowds (at least somewhat), I am thinking it would be wise to reserve a Balcony cabin so we can have some (somewhat) private time when needed). ▪ It appears we need to be ready for some sticker shock even after making our reservations - especially with respect to excursions. I have read / heard about some excursions in Alaska costing $600 per person to ride a helicopter that takes you to dog sledding for example. Wow. I don’t mind spending the money for something that is fairly priced and this unique, but since we will be on very unfamiliar ground, I just don’t know if these prices are reasonable. ▪ We will likely pick and choose from what the ship offers in terms of activities, but for us the most compelling allure of Alaska is the outdoors (and what is off the ship). I say this because I have also been looking at smaller ships in Alaska for the closer to nature experience they can offer (simply by getting closer to things in nature due to the smaller craft they use). I also cannot shake the feeling that a properly chosen smaller cruise line might be a better fit for us than one of the big lines. I’ll pause there for now - please feel free to point out any flaws / holes with this line of thinking. As noted above, we are new to this experience and still learning. I will do my best to update developments in this thread as our plans firm up. Thanks in advance!
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